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Biochemical analyzer (400 speed)

Overall performance

Working speed: constant speed 400 test / hour;
System function: optional closed and open system, support imported and domestic reagents;
Single and dual wavelength test;
24 hours continuous start-up, priority emergency insertion, automatic pre-dilution, automatic retest, serum information, remote diagnosis
Test range: clinical biochemistry, immunoturbidimetry, therapeutic drug monitoring, etc.
Sample type: serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.
Analysis methods: one-point endpoint method, two-point endpoint method, rate method, fixed time method;
Calibration method: linear calibration: K-factor method, linear method (including two-point linear and multi-point linear);
Non-linear calibration: one-point calibration, two-point calibration, multi-point calibration, factor method, log4p, log5p, polyline method, Spline, etc .;
Quality control rules: Westgard multi-rules, Cumulative sum check cumulative sum rules, Twin plot three rules, support 3 levels of quality control

Sample system

Sample tray: 60 sample positions, disc design, samples, calibration, quality control can be edited and placed at will;
Sample size: 1 ~ 70?l in increments of 0.1?l;
Sample needle: high precision inner and outer wall polishing type;
Liquid level sensing, tracking with volume, three-dimensional anti-collision protection, etc .;
Three-dimensional inner and outer wall cleaning technology, automatic maintenance and cleaning, cross contamination rate <0.05%
Sample tube: micro sample cup, original blood collection tube, plastic test tube and other specifications
Reagent system
Reagent tray: 90 reagent positions, can analyze 90 items at the same time, and support reagent bottles of various specifications;
Support multi-position setting function of the same project;
Reagent volume: 10 ~ 350?l, 0.5?l increment;
Reagent needle: high-precision inner and outer wall polishing type;
Liquid level sensing, follow-up tracking, three-dimensional anti-collision protection;
Three-dimensional inner and outer wall cleaning technology, automatic maintenance and cleaning, cross contamination rate <0.05%
Reagent cold storage: 2 ~ 8 ℃, continuous cold storage for 24 hours

Reaction system

Reaction plate: disc type, 120 color comparison positions;
Colorimetric cup: semi-permanent plexiglass cup can be provided;
Volume of reaction solution: 100 ~ 550?l;
Constant temperature system: solid direct heating, 37 ± 0.1 ℃, real-time temperature display, maintenance-free, no consumables;
Stirring mechanism: independent stirring rod, nanotechnology, highly polished, automatic frequency conversion technology

Optical system

Light source: imported long-life halogen lamp
Spectroscopic method: post-spectral technology;
Wavelength: 340-800nm;
Wavelength accuracy: <± 1nm;
Absorbance range: linear range: 0 ~ 3.3Abs
Resolution: 0.0001
Stray light: <0.1% or Abs> 4.5

Data management

Software function: Chinese and English display interface, with rich query function, full response curve monitoring and data display function; physical examination mode; Chinese and English report form; dirty cup detection; automatic retest; one-key gain; enzyme linear expansion, test combination , Reagent validity period management, reagents, samples, reaction disk whole process monitoring, front belt detection, real-time blank deduction, dirty cup memory avoidance, cross-contamination prevention procedures, report review, emergency priority, designated test sequence, data fuzzy query, report statistics Print, reference range classification, alarm information classification, user operation authority classification management, support LIS / HIS (network port and serial port) function, etc .;

System interface: TCP / IP network interface;




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