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Portable information terminal equipment

Portable information terminal equipment

Uses: Based on the national basic public health service work, built-in residents' health records management, elderly health management, hypertension and diabetes health management, mental health management, tuberculosis health management as required by the National Basic Public Health Service Standards (Shandong 2019 Edition) , 0-6 years old child health management, maternal health file management and other service items, health education, health supervision and other public health auxiliary work functions. With on-site registration, summary test data, on-site printing of resident health files, resident feedback reports, elderly self-care ability assessment, TCM constitution identification (including TCM health guidance prescription), hypertension and chronic diabetes follow-up record forms, etc. To the relevant form;

1. Performance characteristics

1. Portability design: suitcase design, easy to carry, convenient for on-site testing;
2. Information collection: automatically read the ID card information and print out the medical examination number sheet;
3. Digital portrait photo collection: capture the face image of the medical examiner at the physical examination site;
4. Body temperature measurement: non-contact infrared body temperature measurement, body temperature range: 34 ℃ -43 ℃; division value: 0.1 ℃;
5. Operating system: full Chinese operation interface;
6. Digital signature collection: Collect signatures of doctors and examiners and be able to print signatures;
7. Data automatic summary management function: the information collection system can receive the data of each testing device through the network, RS232, USB and can realize automatic data collection; the information collection system can be matched with the matching urine analyzer, blood analyzer, digital electrocardiograph, Connection of digital color Doppler ultrasound and other equipment; inspection data is transmitted through U disk to achieve interconnection;
8. Data storage: The data can be saved in real time and automatically, and the data will not be lost in the event of a sudden power failure;
9. Data upload: The information collection system has the function of automatically uploading data to the public health platform;
10. Printing of report forms: on-site printing of medical examination report forms and forms related to service specifications (resident health files, resident medical examination report forms, medical examination data report forms, B-ultrasound report forms, electrocardiogram report forms, elderly Chinese medicine constitution identification forms Assessment form for the self-care ability of the elderly), and provide electronic files in xls format




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