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Hebei Province will realize 14 basic public health services to cover the permanent population

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It was learned from the provincial health work conference held recently that Hebei Province will strengthen basic public health services this year, and increase the per capita project funding to 60 yuan, to achieve 14 types of basic public health service projects covering the permanent population.

At present, the situation of infectious disease prevention and control is still grim, and chronic non-infectious diseases have become the main cause of death for residents. It is imperative to increase public health investment and improve the prevention and control of major diseases. In this regard, our province will implement Internet + basic public health services this year, and do a good job in the special pilot of diabetes management. Strengthen school health work, establish and improve the joint prevention and control mechanism, popularize myopia prevention and control health eye knowledge, and carry out early intervention for children's psychological behavior development problems. Strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases, in-depth implementation of the plan to curb the spread of AIDS, comprehensively carry out "early detection, early reporting, early intervention, early treatment" comprehensive intervention; implementation of the plan to contain tuberculosis, focusing on the prevention and control of campus epidemic and drug-resistant tuberculosis. Strengthen the dynamic monitoring of influenza and continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of human infection with H7N9, hand, foot and mouth disease, and plague prevention and control.

In terms of strengthening immunization planning, our province requires further strengthening the standardized construction of vaccination clinics, strengthening vaccination and cold chain management. In terms of prevention and control of chronic diseases, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, etc. will be used as breakthroughs for comprehensive prevention and control. In particular, we must implement special actions for cancer prevention, strengthen early screening, early diagnosis and treatment, and scientific research. Further improve the comprehensive management services for patients with severe mental disorders. In terms of prevention and control of endemic diseases, it will organize and implement a three-year tough action, coordinate multiple departments such as water conservancy, industrial credit, and agriculture to carry out comprehensive prevention and control of Keshan disease and drinking water-based fluorosis, continue to eliminate the harm of iodine deficiency, and maintain the status of Kashin-Beck disease. In terms of occupational disease prevention and control, it will consolidate the responsibilities of the government, departments and enterprises, strengthen law enforcement inspections, organize and implement pneumoconiosis tough action, and focus on solving the medical and life security problems of pneumoconiosis patients.

On this basis, our province will also strengthen the health emergency guarantee, adjust and improve the health emergency team, intensify the training exercises, and make emergency health emergency preparedness and emergency medical rescue.

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