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Three provinces emergency expansion epidemic related projects

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What is different from the past is that in the list of major project investments published in many places, the project investment related to the epidemic situation is urgently expanded.
For example, Jiangsu Province has arranged 10 projects for people ’s livelihood, with an annual planned investment of 958 billion yuan, especially in response to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, new public health projects such as the expansion of the Second Hospital of Nanjing (Provincial Infectious Disease Hospital) have been arranged; Guangdong Province In view of the shortcomings in the public health, environmental protection, rural infrastructure and other fields exposed by the outbreak, we will pay close attention to planning and reserve a batch of new projects, and add them to this year's key project plan for unified management.
Not only the large economic provinces, but also the western provinces that are relatively less affected by the epidemic, have also increased their investment in public health.
It is reported that in response to the shortcomings and shortcomings exposed in the epidemic response, the Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission has concentrated on a short period of time to study and plan for nearly 100 shortcomings in the fields of health care, emergency management, material reserves, and cold chain logistics.
"The epidemic is basically under control, but the task of expanding domestic demand is still very difficult." Zhang Yansheng, chief researcher of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said that under the circumstances that the infrastructure has been built and the peak has passed, it cannot be used to spend money. Spend money. Governments everywhere can not follow the old road of blindly stimulating flood irrigation, but must invest funds in short-term areas such as urban and rural coordination, ecological environmental protection, and basic public services in accordance with high-quality development requirements. This is the investment direction in line with the new era.
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