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Detailed explanation of the management and use of subsidy funds for national basic public health services

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The subsidies for basic public health service projects are used to provide basic public health services prescribed by the state to urban and rural residents. The county and district level are the main bodies of the organization, implementation and management of national basic public health service projects.


The main body of raising, managing and using subsidies for basic public health service projects is the county-level financial and health and family planning departments. It is used to subsidize the basic public health service tasks completed by grass-roots medical and health institutions (government-sponsored), or to purchase basic public health services from other qualified medical and health institutions (including non-government-run grass-roots medical and health institutions) in accordance with the government's purchase service mechanism Health services.


The county and district-level health and family planning departments, together with the financial department, conduct overall and classified management of basic public health service project subsidies. The first category is suitable for the unified use of paid funds at the county level, including the development and printing of health education promotional materials in basic public health service projects, the uniform specifications of paper health files in the region, and child and maternal health manuals Printing costs, etc .; the second type is to allocate funds for basic public health services provided by the government-run grass-roots medical and health institutions; the third type is to adopt the government purchase service mechanism and pay the service providers in accordance with relevant agreements. Funding required for basic public health services provided.


Local financial and health and family planning departments at all levels cannot use basic public health service project subsidy funds as other original special subsidy funds for basic construction funds, equipment purchase funds, personnel training and recruitment funds for the primary medical and health institutions they organize .


The basic public health service project subsidy funds are subsidy funds for "services". Health and family planning administrative departments at all levels and professional public health institutions at all levels and types of professional public health agencies need to pay for basic public health service projects based on their responsibilities, such as publicity, personnel training, performance evaluation, and effect evaluation. In the column.


The county-level health and family planning department, together with the financial department, reasonably calculates the various service subsidies or payment standards based on the content and task volume of the local basic public health services, and based on the primary-level medical and health institutions (including other medical and health institutions that undertake service tasks within the jurisdiction) The amount of services provided allocates funds.


Primary-level medical and health institutions are the main appropriations for basic public health service subsidies. The basic public health service subsidy funds it obtains can be used for recurrent expenditure as a whole, which means that the subsidy funds can be used for medical and health expenses like medical income of primary-level medical and health institutions, including personnel expenses, consumables, maintenance costs, and other public expenses. Among them, personnel expenses include basic salary, performance salary, social security contributions, retirement fees, housing provident fund, etc. Other public expenses include office expenses, printing expenses, water expenses, electricity expenses, postage expenses, heating expenses, property management expenses, travel expenses, conference expenses, training expenses, etc. It can also be included in the balance of business revenues and expenditures of the organization to withdraw employee welfare funds and incentive funds according to regulations.

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