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Over 180 million elderly suffer from chronic diseases, China will comprehensively promote elderly health management Source: CCTV

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With the increase in life expectancy per capita, the high incidence of chronic diseases has also become a major challenge for an aging society. The latest data provided by the National Health Commission on the 31st shows that more than 180 million elderly people in China suffer from chronic diseases, and the proportion of people suffering from one or more chronic diseases is as high as 75%.

Wang Haidong, director of the Department of Aging and Health of the National Health and Health Commission, said that China's average life expectancy has reached 77 years, which reflects that China's main health indicators have been better than the average level of middle- and high-income countries. However, the overall health status of the elderly still has problems such as a high proportion of illness, an earlier period of illness, and a longer "survival with disease".

The National Health and Health Commission and the National Office on Aging announced in Beijing a few days ago that they launched the elderly health promotion action. This action is the deployment of the Healthy China Action to achieve healthy aging, and is an important guide for the elderly health work in the next ten years. In response to the prevention and control of chronic diseases and health promotion of the elderly, the action proposes to strengthen the function of the primary medical and health service network, play the role of family doctors, and provide comprehensive, continuous, coordinated and standardized basic medical and public health services for the elderly.

It is reported that the next step of the National Health and Health Commission will be to comprehensively promote elderly health management, including free establishment of health records for people aged 65 and above, and free health examinations every year; research and formulate service standards and operating specifications for on-site visits and family beds; continued Improve the effectiveness of comprehensive intervention management for chronic diseases at the grass-roots level; carry out evaluations of disabled elderly and pilot comprehensive services.

The Elderly Health Promotion Initiative also promotes the management of chronic diseases by the elderly themselves, delays the disease and reduces complications, and encourages and supports companies to use information technologies such as "Internet +" to develop wearable elderly health support technologies and equipment.

Source: Xinhua News Agency




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