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WHO: We should increase the supply of protective materials and continue to provide basic public health services Source: Government Net

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World Health Organization Director General Tan Desai said on the 30th that countries should continue to provide basic health services while responding to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.
Tan Desai said at a regular press conference that the new coronary pneumonia pandemic has overwhelmed the health systems in many countries and the demand for health facilities and health workers has also increased rapidly, which may prevent some health systems from functioning effectively. Past epidemics have proved that when the health system is overwhelmed, the number of deaths caused by diseases that can be prevented and treated by vaccines will increase dramatically. Therefore, basic health services must continue. Tan Desai said that WHO has issued a guide to help countries maintain a balance between preventing and controlling the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia and maintaining basic health services.
WHO also released a detailed practical manual on how to establish and manage a new coronary pneumonia treatment center on the day, which describes how to carry out screening and triage after the temporary transformation of buildings or the establishment of tents as sanitation facilities; Take care of mild patients; and how to reuse hospital wards or the entire hospital to set up a new coronary pneumonia treatment center, or set up a tent to set up a temporary hospital.
In addition, Tan Desai also said that on that day, WHO discussed with the G20 trade ministers how to solve the long-term shortage of personal protective equipment and other basic medical supplies. He called on governments to cooperate with private companies to increase production and ensure the free circulation and equitable distribution of basic hygiene products.

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