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Blood analyzer Operating steps

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1. Blood collection location:

<1> The peripheral blood should be on the inner side of the left middle finger or ring finger.

<2> The venous blood is usually the elbow venous blood.

<3> The direction of blood collection from the left end to point a is the standard blood collection volume of 40ul

<4> The position to point b is 45ul (it is recommended not to exceed or reach point b)

2. On-board operation:

<1> Turn on the main unit and press the [↓] key to let the stage move out automatically.

<2> Put the end of the centrifuged blood collection tube with a tube sealer inward and to the right into the groove of the stage.

After centrifugal treatment, the shape of the blood collection tube on the display screen is divided into six layers, and the layers are as follows:


<3> Hold down the [Back] key and find the first test point based on the dividing line on the screen.

<4> Press the [OK] key to enter the main menu, then press the cursor [↓] to move to [Project Test] and then press the [OK] key to enter the project test.

<5> Press the [Read] key to start the test, and 000 appears on the screen.

<6> Press [Post] to find the second point of blood collection tube, and then press [Read]. Then press the [Back] key to find 3 to 7 points in turn

After pressing the [Read] key, (Note: After finding the 7th test point, if the speed of the stage is low, please press [High / Low] to switch

After the high-speed gear is reached, press the [Read] key).

<7> For continuous testing, please replace the specimen to find the first test point, press the [OK] key, and then press the [Read] key. Find the remaining

6 test points, the operation is the same as above.

<8> If there is no specimen test, the specimen in the stage should be taken out, press [Back] to exit, and then press the cursor key [↑] to return the stage to home position.

<9> Shut down.




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