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Kunming Health and Family Planning Commission: 6 major events The signing rate of family doctors will reach more than 60% this year

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On March 7, the 2018 Kunming City Health and Family Planning Work Conference was held, and arrangements were made for the city's health and family planning work this year. Six major events were to be done.
Improve the capacity and quality of primary-level medical and health services: implement the action plan for improving the quality of county-level central hospitals, and strive to achieve a medical consultation rate of approximately 85% within the county. The service rate of family doctors has reached more than 60%. Build a "15-minute community health service circle" in cities and a "30-minute rural health service circle" in rural areas.
Strengthen the prevention and control of major diseases: Strengthen the construction of emergency and disease prevention and control systems, and do a good job in the prevention and control of major infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and the fourth round of the people ’s war against AIDS. To ensure that the national health city review work passed smoothly. Actively provide 23-valent pneumonia vaccination service for eligible elderly persons over 60 years of age.
In-depth implementation of health poverty alleviation work: implement 30 measures of health poverty alleviation, guarantee 100% of the poor population to participate in basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, and ensure that the medical expenses of the poor people who meet the standards of graded diagnosis and treatment, referral to referral do not pay more than 10%. Continue to implement the four-fold guarantee system. Deeply implement the "three batches" action plan to promote the "one-stop" and "one-single" settlement of cities and counties during the year.
Inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine: Improve the traditional Chinese medical service network covering urban and rural areas. Strengthen the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and carry out the construction of the inheritance studio of masters of traditional Chinese medicine, national famous traditional Chinese medicine, and experts at the grassroots level. Accelerate the construction of Chinese medicine health care service system.
Continue to improve the management of family planning services: actively implement a comprehensive two-child policy. Strictly control maternal and infant mortality, and comprehensively strengthen the capacity building of maternal and child health care family planning services. 5000 cases of prenatal genetic testing for birth defects were carried out. Deeply promote the creation of happy family activities and new family plans.
Fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of medical personnel: expand the pilot reform of public hospital salary system. Innovate the talent evaluation mechanism and promote the reform of health titles. Strictly crack down on medical-related crimes and crimes according to law, "zero tolerance" for violent injuries to doctors, and create a good atmosphere for respecting doctors and protecting health.
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