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Qiufeng dried his face? Give it water

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1. Guarantee eight glasses of water every day
If the body is dehydrated, the skin will naturally peel and dull. In addition to 8 glasses of water a day, you can also change the taste by drinking fruit juice, vegetable juice, tea, soy milk, milk, etc. In addition, Chris believes that the foods that nourish the yin and dryness in autumn are also very good, such as: lily, white fungus, yam, honey, etc., soup or sugar water is a good choice.

2. Sleep time
Following the dryness of Qiu and Qiuqiu, I feel that I can't get enough sleep every day. At this time, sufficient sleep time can't be compared to anything. To sleep beautifully, the skin will be tender and tender.

3. Less skin exposure
The wind is strong in autumn, and the skin on the sensitive face and neck area does not want to peel on the face and the neck lines appear on the neck, but you should pay attention to sunscreen. Maybe some people think that the sun is warm in autumn, so they don't need sun protection. This approach is very wrong. The ultraviolet rays in the autumn sunshine are still very strong. Some people have sunshade sunscreens in the summer, and there is not much blackening in the summer, but they are tanned in the fall, because they did not pay attention to sunscreen in the fall.

4. Skin care products
In addition to the above-mentioned daily life hydration method, it is also important to use skin care products to hydrate.




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