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Summer health tips

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Whether it is early summer, midsummer, or long summer, heat is a common feature of the three summers. Therefore, Chinese medicine uses the "fire" in the five elements to summarize the summer climate characteristics. And think that the heat belongs to the yang, the heat is very yangsheng, the heat is extremely anode, and the anode is yin. Therefore, the yin and yang growth and decline in nature in summer is characterized by the rising of the yang qi, and the yin and yang in the long summer. Health practitioners should understand the characteristics of the rise and fall of yin and yang in summer, and adjust accordingly with the changes of the natural environment, climate, and all things. Tel: 0531-86940812 18953111911.
1. Prevention of heat stroke: salt tea: take 3 grams of tea leaves, 1 gram of table salt, put it in a cup, drink it after boiling with boiling water. Salt tea has the effects of reducing inflammation and reducing phlegm. It can be effectively consumed in summer to effectively prevent heat stroke. At the same time, it can cure colds, cough, toothache, red eyes and swelling and pain.
2. Seven methods of mosquito repellent:
① Cigarette butt repellent: collect cigarette butts, peel off the outer paper to take tobacco shreds, put them into toilets, sewers and other places where mosquitoes are prone to deodorize and repel mosquitoes.
②Perfume repellent: Sprinkle a little perfume on the bed sheet, the mosquitoes dare not fly near.
③ Onion and garlic repellent: Put some chopped onion and garlic in the place where mosquitoes often appear, and the mosquitoes will not dare to come.
④ Cooling oil mosquito repellent: In the bedroom, put a few boxes of cooling oil with the cover open to prevent mosquitoes from flying into the room.
3. Exquisite removal of peach hair: A large number of fresh peaches are put on the market in summer. The peaches are sweet and sweet. It is one of the favorite summer fruits of people. How to remove the fine hair on the peach? With a brush, washing with water, the effect is not ideal. If you put a little salt into the cold water, peach is put into the water, and then wipe it with your hands, the layer of fine hair on the peach can be removed.
4. Three elements for purchasing summer mats: People use summer mats in hot weather in summer. There are three types of mats on the market: bamboo mats, straw mats and cowhide mats. The purchase method of these three types of mats (including mats) can be summarized in three words, that is, three elements, which are seeing, touching, and touching.




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