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Community Family Doctor Signing Service Knowledge Quiz

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1. What is a community doctor family contract service?
Answer: The community doctor family contract service is a way for the community general practitioner team to establish a convenient, effective, continuous and economic basic medical service and basic public health service for the contracted family.

2. What is the main purpose of the community doctor family contract service?
Answer: Unblock the communication channels between community doctors and residents, and establish a stable and trusted service relationship, so that residents can enjoy more convenient, intimate, continuous and comprehensive community health services.

3. What are the main benefits of family contracting services?
A: Promote the contracted physician team to become a healthy friend of your family, not only to treat your disease, but also to actively help your family develop good habits and prevent the occurrence of disease. The signing of the service agreement is a commitment to the service target and a supervision of the community health service center (station) 's own work. Let the service object take the initiative to participate, from the original passive service model to a joint participation model.

4. Who is the general practitioner team?
Answer: The physician team is composed of general practitioners, general nurses and public health professionals. The general practitioner (nurse) is generally a practicing physician (nurse) who has participated in provincial general practitioner training and has at least 2 years of community health work experience.

5. Who is the signing party?
Answer: The community health service organization in the jurisdiction is the main body of the contract, and the team of general practitioners is responsible for providing services to the contracted residents.

6. Is the right to medical treatment affected and restricted after signing the contract?
Answer: The signing of the contract has no impact and restriction on all your original medical rights. You can go to other medical institutions in the city as you wish, and the signing of the contract will not affect the cost of services and items. After signing the contract, you can get some service discounts, and whether to sign the contract is completely your own independent choice.

7. What services can be enjoyed after signing the contract?
Answer: The content of community doctor family contracting services is mainly based on the provision of basic medical and basic public health services, and provides free personalized services with health management as the main content and active services as the main form for the contracted services and family members:

(1) Basic medical services: (1) Diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases, nursing and treatment of chronic diseases with definite diagnosis. (2) Emergency rescue on site at the community. (3) Family medical care and referral services such as family visits, family care, and family beds. (4) Rehabilitation medical services. (5) Chinese medicine services.

(2) Basic public health services: (1) Free establishment of residents 'health records, health assessment of family members' courts, personalized health planning guidance, free distribution of health prescriptions and medical science materials. (2) Provide vaccination services for children aged 0-6. (3) Provide health management services for pregnant women. (4) Free inspection of key groups in the family once a year, including elderly people over 65 years of age, hypertension and diabetes, physical examination items include height, weight, blood pressure, blood routine, urine routine, blood sugar, blood lipids, electrocardiogram, etc. (5) At least 4 follow-up instructions and 1 physical examination will be provided for patients with severe mental illness with stable condition.

8. Who (family) is eligible to sign a contract with the community physician team?
Answer: Anyone who has lived in the community for more than half a year, including household registration and non-resident registration (family), can sign a contract with the community physician team in the jurisdiction.

9. What is the form of signing the contract?
Answer: In accordance with the principle of equality, respect and voluntariness, on the premise of fully understanding the connotation of community doctors ’family contracting services, they sign relevant service agreements on a household basis and enjoy contracting services.

10. How to sign a contract with the community general practitioner team?
Answer: When the residents of the jurisdiction go to the community to receive services for the service center (station), or when medical personnel enter the community service, disease screening, health checkup and other services, or you go to the community health service center (station) to sign the contract.

11. Is there a fee for signing a contract?
Answer: The community doctor family contract service is a government action. There is no need to pay any fee for signing a contract. It is only a measure to promote long-term and stable doctor-patient relationship, so you can also enjoy the convenience of preferential services.
The services provided by the community physician team will not be charged for public health services provided by the government; other medical services and agreed special services will be charged according to the pricing of the price department or negotiated by both parties.

12. Do I need to regularly provide information to the family physician team after signing the contract?
A: Yes, the family physician team is your health steward after signing the contract. You need to regularly update the health files you join, conduct health assessments based on your family ’s health information, and make recommendations for health maintenance, so your health should be changed, especially It is the medical and health service information outside the contracted team that informs the family contracted service team in time.

13. Will the signed personal information be known to others?
Answer: No, the protection of personal information of residents is the most basic principle of medical personnel. Your home address and personal information of telephones will be kept strictly confidential, not leaked, and not used for other purposes than medical and health services. Only when you need it, the team of family physicians will provide you with medical and health services according to the agreed content.

14. What is classification management and classification guidance?
Answer: According to the actual needs of different service groups for health services, different health management will be implemented and classified management will be guided separately. There are three types of service people, one is the general population. With the promotion of popularizing health literacy as the starting point, with the goal of promoting health, provide health education services for healthy life, intervention of risk factors, and prevention of key diseases. The second is the key population. Mainly refers to the elderly over 65 years old, children 0-6 years old, pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases, etc., in accordance with the standard of basic public health services, and implement standardized management. The third is a special population. Mainly refers to the widowed elderly, disabled people, long-term bedridden patients, etc., implement key management, provide on-site services and timely and convenient medical care, and provide rehabilitation services as needed.

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