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Shenzhen introduced the first domestic family doctor service management method

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According to the Shenzhen Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, in Shenzhen, family doctors mainly refer to general practitioners, while other doctors often referred to by the public refer to specialist doctors. The family doctor service is not provided by a doctor, but is completed in the form of team service. This team uses "2 + X" as a team mode: "2" is "standard": general practitioner + community nursing staff; "X" is "optional": can absorb public health physicians, specialists, pharmacists, Health managers, psychological consultants, nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists, social (volunteer) workers, community grid administrators and other personnel joined. According to national requirements, family doctors serve the resident residents, that is to say, resident residents can sign a contract with the family doctor team, including children from 0 to 6 years old, pregnant women, the elderly, chronically ill patients, patients with severe mental disorders, Key populations such as tuberculosis patients, people with disabilities, special family planning families, and poor people are the main groups. After signing the contract, the family doctor will provide residents with basic medical care, public health, family beds and agreed health services.
According to reports, there are two types of institutions that can provide family doctor services: First, government-run medical institutions have restrictions, and they must be primary-level medical institutions. Primary-level medical institutions refer to first-level hospitals, community health service institutions, outpatient departments, traditional Chinese medicine museums, clinics, medical offices, and clinics. Second, the social-run medical institutions were fully liberalized. That is, socially-run hospitals, outpatient departments, and clinics can provide family doctor services. By signing a "family doctor", residents can go to the government-run primary medical institutions and social medical institutions that provide family doctor services, and sign a family doctor service agreement according to the agreement. In principle, the contractual service period is one year. It is worth mentioning that you can also "sign online", as long as you follow the "Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission" public account on your mobile phone, click "I want to see a doctor", click "Family Doctor Service" in "Family Doctor", select a medical institution The family doctor service team signed the contract. At present, the information of the family doctor service team in Futian District and Longhua District has been basically improved, and other districts (new districts) are being improved.
It should be noted that during the contract period, residents can only choose a family doctor service team to provide family doctor services for them. After the expiration, they can renew the contract or choose another family doctor team to sign the contract. If the signing period does not expire, and the residents want to change the family doctor service team, they must submit a written cancellation to the contracted medical institution before they can choose a new family doctor service team. The Measures also require that the number of contracts signed by each family doctor team be controlled within 2,000. And it mainly serves contracted residents in medical institutions, and can only provide "home service" if they meet relevant conditions. As for fees, public health services are paid by the government, the citizens are free of charge, and basic medical services and personalized services are publicly "limited prices", and privately-run "open."
It is worth mentioning that in order to encourage and promote the contract service of Shenzhen family doctors, Shenzhen stipulates that for the family doctor services provided by the family doctor team for Shenzhen social insurance insurers in 2017, each contracted insurer A subsidy of 120 yuan per year is granted. During the period of enjoying the subsidy, the grassroots medical institutions organized by the government shall not charge the contracted service fee from the social medical insurance insurers in this city. The family doctor service team of the social medical institution can set the service price for services other than the public health services provided by the contracted residents, and after the announcement to the society, the medical service fee, the family doctor contract service fee and other fees are charged. If the social medical institution enjoys government subsidies at the same time, it can only collect the difference after deducting financial subsidies.
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