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What to pay attention to in winter

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1.1. Beautiful "frozen" people are harmful to health

Many female compatriots who love beauty like to wear short skirts or shorts even in winter, or because they are afraid of appearing bloated, they only wear a thin layer of clothes to maintain their posture. However, from the perspective of TCM health care, winter is mainly "Tibetan", and body skin should be protected from exposure to the outside world. Although love for beauty is the nature of young women, even if you love beauty, it should not be at the expense of health.

1.2 Don't lose weight in winter

Girls who love beauty want to lose weight all year round. In fact, whether it is dieting, exercise or drug diuretic weight loss methods, all consume a lot of calories and lose weight in a short time. This belongs to the category of "xie" in Chinese medicine, and is not suitable for winter. In nature, the little bears know how to eat fat in winter, so as to survive the winter smoothly. The so-called survival of the fittest, creatures have their own way of living adapted to nature, but can't humans do it?

1.3 Don't stay up too much

In winter, the night is long and the day is short. People should also adapt to nature and increase sleep time before they can nourish Yuan Yin and Yang. In fact, the harm of staying up late in winter is greater than usual, it is best not to sleep late. Pay attention to "closing" in winter, and "get warm when cold".

1.4. Avoid "cold" fitness

Winter swimming and cold water baths sound healthy. But from the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is actually not suitable for women. Dr. Fan Yupeng said that most women in modern times are mainly unhealthy due to the fast pace of work and life, high stress, and irregularity. Winter swimming is particularly unsuitable. In fact, whether it is winter swimming or taking a cold bath, it seems to be a way of exercising. In fact, the body needs to spend a lot of yang to resist the cold, which is particularly unsuitable for women who are physically weak. If you take a "cold" fitness method for a long time, it may even cause some internal medicine and gynecological diseases, so it is the best rule to keep warm in winter.

1.5, do not do too much sweat exercise

Exercise is good for the body, but if you look at it from a health perspective, don't do too much exercise and sweat too much in winter. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sweat belongs to the category of "fluid". After strenuous exercise, the pores open and the yang leaks with the sweat, which is easy to cause the pattern of "two injuries of Qi and Tianjin". Winter is based on "closing", which is a season that requires "preserving strength". Yang gas leaks and fluid damage is prone to fatigue, cold, dizziness, and cold hands and feet.

As for the limitation of the appropriate amount of exercise, it should be determined according to the specific circumstances of each person. Those who exercise regularly may not sweat when playing badminton for a long time, and those who rarely exercise will sweat all over the body after a little activity.

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