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General knowledge of spring health for the elderly

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First, pay attention to prevent colds
The climate in spring is changeable, and it is warm and cold at first glance, especially in the early spring season, where cold currents often invade and the temperature drops suddenly. In addition, the skin and sweat pores of the human body begin to evacuate and expand outwards, and the ability to resist cold and evil has weakened. Therefore, the elderly are prone to colds and colds, which leads to acute bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and other diseases. Therefore, in the spring, the elderly should always pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothes, wear masks when going out, and avoid taking off the winter clothes prematurely. Once you have a cold, you should seek medical treatment in time. The sooner you take the medicine, the better the effect.

Second, pay attention to diet care
In spring, the old man is easily irritated, and the urine is reddish yellow, constipation, and yellow tongue coating. As the liver fire rises, the lung yin becomes more deficiencies, and tuberculosis bacteria can easily enter. Therefore, the diet of the elderly in spring should be light, and you can eat more fresh vegetables, such as spring bamboo shoots, spinach, shepherd's purse, celery, Malan and other early spring vegetables. In addition, drink with peeled duck pears and water chestnuts and boil water to clear heat and nourish the lungs; those with poor gastrointestinal digestion can eat radishes to regulate qi, reduce phlegm and stomach. Drinking water with orange peel can reduce phlegm and quench thirst.

Third, pay attention to sleep quality
In the spring, the elderly often feel sleepy, not easy to wake up in the morning, and drowsy during the day. This is because the spring temperature rises, the amount of human activity increases, the peripheral blood vessels begin to relax, and the blood flow on the surface increases, which makes the brain's oxygen supply appear to be insufficient, resulting in the "spring sleepy" phenomenon. To this end, the elderly should actively coordinate their physical fitness. It is best to take a nap at noon for about an hour every day to make up for the lack of sleep in spring. In the afternoon, appropriate sports activities are arranged, such as walking, tai chi, and aerobics.

Fourth, pay attention to adjust the mood
In spring, the pink and willow green, the sun is shining, and a vitality is most conducive to the human body to vomit and regenerate. The elderly should adapt to the qi of spring, adjust their mood, maintain a quiet, pleasant and comfortable spirit, avoid irritability, and maintain the normal growth and smoothness of liver qi. Motherland Medicine emphasizes that “yang nourishes in spring and summer, and nourish yin in autumn and winter.” If the elderly adjust their liver qi in the spring, not only will they not get sick this season, but they will also be extremely beneficial to prevent and cure diseases in summer.

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