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Health one machine = public health examination equipment? The difference between the two is great

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In response to the call of the national basic public health service, various provinces, cities, and county-level township health and planning commissions have procured a large number of integrated public health and health machines through tenders and other methods. Body?


Next, we will comprehensively interpret the well-known health all-in-one from the aspects of policy and device functions:


健康一体机Health machine

1. The equipment included in the health all-in-one machine includes the standard configuration of tablet computer, sphygmomanometer, blood oxygen detector, blood glucose meter, ID card reading machine, urine analyzer (handheld), rapid ECG detector, electronic thermometer, etc. .



It can be seen from the above that for the requirements of public health medical examination projects, blood routine, urine routine, etc. cannot be completed by the health all-in-one machine at all, and urine routine is limited according to the performance of the handheld urine analyzer, and it is impossible in a short time. Meet the needs of physical examination on the day.


and so

Therefore, the public health service projects supported by the state, under the environment of tendering for the integrated health machine, the integrated health machine gives the township hospitals and medical equipment companies an illusion of blindly following the trend. The follow-up work of the four chronically ill elderly persons in the service specification has little effect on the public health examination at the grass-roots level.

Attached picture: The health checkup site for the elderly



It can be seen that the health all-in-one machine alone is far from reaching the effect of health examination




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