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Four main points for the health of the elderly in summer

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The summer weather is hot, and for many people every summer is a very difficult day, especially for the elderly. The physical function of the elderly is reduced, which leads to a decrease in the body's ability to heat and cold. If you take a lot of cold drinks or blow cold wind at this time, not only can you not make the body cooler, but it may also cause problems . Therefore, it is very necessary for the elderly to take care of Chinese medicine in summer, not only to ensure adequate sleep, but also to have a scientific diet, and finally add enough body fluids, so that the elderly can safely and easily spend the summer .

Health care for the elderly in summer

First: the summer diet for the elderly

Compared with young people, the gastrointestinal function of the elderly is relatively weak, the summer weather is hot, and many things are prone to rot and spoilage, so this time the elderly diet needs special attention, can not eat spoiled Food, food put in the refrigerator also needs to be heated before it can be taken. In addition, the summer diet should be light, and at the same time, it should not be too cold, and the taste should not be too hard. In addition, you should not eat too much, otherwise it will be prone to indigestion. In addition, if you experience vomiting and diarrhea due to improper diet, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

The elderly have three meals a day in summer, which is mainly light. At the same time, they need to add enough water. For example, green tea, juice, boiled water, and soy milk are all very good choices. In addition, when taking vegetables, it is best to eat raw, so as to maximize the protection of nutrients in food from being destroyed. Coarse grains and fine grains need to be matched with each other when taking them. Meaty food and vegetables should also be matched with each other. Summer diet should be based on various vegetables, and then add some meat foods appropriately, eat on time, eat less Cold food.

In addition, the gastrointestinal digestibility of the elderly is relatively poor, so the daily diet should be based on some easily digestible and nutritious food, and then add some fresh fruits and vegetables, or eat some porridge food. However, some fatty and heavy oil foods such as fried dough sticks, fatty meats should be eaten less to prevent summer heat.

Second: Summer sports for the elderly

Summer is the most vigorous season in the center of the year, so it is necessary to pay attention to daily rest, to get up early and get up early, and to take some appropriate exercise, it is very necessary, for example, some jogging, swimming are very good The choice can effectively improve the heart and lung capacity of the human body. In addition, the elderly should also consciously control the breathing frequency or take deep breaths, which can improve the vital capacity and have a very important role in improving blood supply to the brain and improving physical fitness.

At noon, the elderly should also take a proper lunch break, so that they can maintain their energy well. However, the summer weather is hot, in order to achieve the cooling effect, the pores in the human body are in a state of expansion, this time it is very prone to wind evil invasion, so the elderly should not be in the open air or under the big tree go to bed. In addition, although the elderly must exercise properly, exercise intensity should be well controlled. If the elderly suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, they must be accompanied by their family members and carry drugs.

Third: Summer psychology of the elderly

The Chinese medicine health care for the elderly in the summer requires special attention to meditation and health. There are several points that need to be done: The first thing to do is to calm down and calm down. Due to the hot weather, the yang develops in the body, which leads us to be upset easily. Elderly people must maintain a good state of mind in this environment and keep their mood in a calm state. Do not overwork or be too emotional. A good state of mind can effectively protect the health of the body; the second is the need According to the characteristics of the weather, change your work time and arrange your work and study well; the third is to maintain indoor ventilation, because if the indoor ventilation can dissipate the heat well, the human body will feel cool. At the same time, it can effectively clean the air and avoid air pollution; in the end, it is necessary to give yourself a sufficient rest time, because people's emotions and sleep conditions are directly linked. If they do not sleep enough, it is easy to become in a bad mood. Therefore, in the summer, you should not only take care of your diet, but also pay special attention to your sleep.

Fourth: Summer protection for the elderly

Do not stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time in summer, because it is easy to suffer from air-conditioning disease. Especially when sleeping, do not use air conditioners or fans all the time. In addition, there is a lot of sweating in summer, so it is easy to have prickly heat or eczema, etc., so you must pay attention to personal hygiene, keep your skin dry and clean, so that you can do the Chinese medical care for the elderly in summer.

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