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The summer solstice is approaching

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The summer solstice is one of the twenty-four solar terms. On the day of the summer solstice, the sun is almost directly on the Tropic of Cancer, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and the higher the latitude, the longer the day. The "Abide by the Constitution" records: "The northernmost day, the longest day, the shortest day shadow, so the summer solstice. In the end, the extreme." After this day, the direct sun point gradually moved south, the northern hemisphere day It gradually became shorter. However, after the summer solstice, the hottest period of the year is coming, so the summer solstice is still the starting point of midsummer.
After the summer solstice, the weather is hot, the rain is increasing, and the air humidity is high. We often feel like being in a steamer, and our bodies are often tired and sticky. At this time, unrefrigerated meals and cut fruits are easy to rot and deteriorate, mosquitoes multiply quickly, and intestinal-borne bacteria are also prone to breed. Patients with acute gastrointestinal diseases are obviously increasing, so pay attention to food hygiene during this period , Do not eat leftovers, eat cold food as much as possible to prevent the occurrence of infectious gastrointestinal diseases.
The summer solstice is Yangsheng, and the dampness of summer heat is obstructed. Most people suffer from loss of appetite and heavy body. Therefore, after the summer solstice, the diet should be aimed at clearing heat and increasing appetite, and eat more foods that have summer heat and qi, and thirst. Green leafy vegetables and melons and other fruits and vegetables with high water content are good choices, such as garland chrysanthemum, kale, chrysanthemum, bitter gourd, loofah, cucumber, etc., are good health foods, in addition, to avoid food too salty , Too sweet. Here is a recommended ingredient-ginger. Our folks have always said that "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer". Eating ginger in summer can not only strengthen the spleen and appetite, dampen the nausea, but also prevent the stomach caused by eating cold in summer. Full, stomach pain, edible ginger is conducive to balance the body's yin in summer, but also conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.
After the summer solstice, the temperature gradually increases, and the body's sweat volume will also increase. With the sweat, the body will lose a lot of water and electrolytes, so during this period, we must pay attention to the intake of water and electrolytes. In normal life, you can cook some mung bean soup, sour plum soup, chixiaodou barley soup, tangerine peel chidou soup, bamboo leaf mint tea, lotus leaf soup, Shengmai soup (Taiwan ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra chinensis) and other soups to drink according to the physical conditions of family members. , Can achieve the purpose of clearing heat and nourishing yin, removing heat and sweating. At this time, water replenishment should be taken multiple times, a small amount, and slow drinking as a method to avoid a large amount of water in a short time and increase the burden on the internal organs of the body.
The summer solstice is the most prosperous period of yang energy in a year. The yang energy is strong on the day of the summer solstice. After the summer solstice, the peak will decay, the anode will be overcast, and the yin will also grow from this day. Therefore, on the one hand, the daily life conforms to the characteristics of the yang that prevails in summer, and pays attention to protecting the yang, and on the other hand, it must adapt to the changes that the yin qi is born from, to ensure the smooth rise of the yin qi. Due to the hot summer solstice, the body sweats a lot, the sweat pores are enlarged, and the bleeding is easy to be attacked by the wind, cold and dampness. At the same time, the summer solstice is already covered with shade, so it is appropriate to take cold, cold drinks, and air conditioning; pay attention to prevent heat stroke, Avoid prolonged sun exposure; exercise should also be done in the morning and evening, and should not be too violent; bathing with warm water can not only reduce the excitability of the nervous system, but also eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, and enhance resistance.
It should be noted that after the summer solstice, as the temperature rises, we are often prone to unexplained upsets and grumpy conditions, resulting in many mental adverse effects. This situation has obvious seasonal characteristics, and it is related to the fire in summer and the corresponding organs of the five internal organs. Therefore, after the summer solstice, you should pay attention to nurturing and increase the time for meditation. "Cool", keep calm, not angry, and not overworked. "On Health" has a cloud: "It is more appropriate to adjust meditation, often like ice and snow, the heat is also less in my heart, not heat to heat, more heat." This is the reason.
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