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Hot weather! 5 Ways to Go Out of School to Prevent Thermal Injury

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5 strokes to protect yourself against thermal injury

1. Avoid direct sunlight
As far as possible, avoid long hours of labor at noon, adjust the working hours in the morning and after 2 pm, and use shade curtains, electric fans or sprinklers to reduce the ambient temperature. Rest in a cool place to reduce a lot of sweat loss.
2. Hydration
Drink water regularly, drink at least 2,000㏄ boiled water every day, drink a small number of times, do not wait until you are thirsty. Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain more water, such as winter melon and watermelon. Do not drink alcoholic beverages and a lot of sugar. If you have spasms or cramps, you can drink sports drinks or cold water with a little salt.
3. Wear cool and breathable clothing
Choose cotton clothes or functional clothes that can block ultraviolet radiation, rub the sunscreen to protect the skin. And with a wide-brimmed hat shade. In addition, the eyes also need to be protected by sunglasses. It is best not to wear black, dark blue and other non-breathable and heat-absorbing clothes.
4. Recognize the signs of thermal injury
If you have not adapted to a hotter environment, do not rashly engage in excessive physical activities, and increase the frequency of rest during work, so that the body gradually gets used to the hot environment. In addition, to be able to recognize the symptoms of heat injury, such as increased body temperature, dry and hot skin reddening, and rapid heartbeat, in severe cases, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, even confusion, cramps, coma, etc. To take emergency measures at any time.
5. Understand emergency measures
When working, you should always pay attention to the physical condition of the colleagues next to you. If there are symptoms of heat injury, you must quickly or automatically help the person to leave the high temperature environment, try to lower the body temperature (such as wiping the body with water or fan, etc.), and provide Cold boiled water or diluted electrolyte drinks, and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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