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Autumn health

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The diet adjustment in autumn should follow the principle of "yin nourishing and preventing dryness", and the diet should be nourishing and nourishing and juicy

The specific plan is as follows:
To keep the lungs important: eat more nourishing and moist food, such as white fungus, sugar cane, bird's nest, pears, sesame, lotus root, spinach, turtle meat, silky chicken, pig lung, soy milk, caramel, duck eggs, honey, turtle Meat, olives. Eat more sesame, walnuts, glutinous rice, honey, sugar cane, etc., can play the role of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs and blood. In addition, some medicinal diets can be eaten appropriately, such as: ginseng fish, steamed lily with honey, plum soup with olives, etc.

Less spicy and more acid: In the autumn, the lung function is relatively strong, and eating too much spicy food will make the lung gas more vigorous, which will hurt the liver gas, so eat less spicy food in the autumn diet, such as: onion, ginger, garlic , Chives, peppers, etc. On this basis, eat more sour foods to supplement liver qi, such as: apple, pomegranate, grape, mango, cherry, grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn, tomato, water chestnut, etc.
Eat more porridge: In the early autumn season, the weather is still hot, the air is humid, the steaming is hot, and the fruits and fruits are ripe in autumn, it is difficult to protect people from overeating. These will damage the spleen and stomach, so eat more porridge in the autumn morning. Invigorating the spleen and stomach can also bring a refreshing day. Common porridges in autumn include: hawthorn rice porridge, duck pear rice porridge, rabbit meat rice porridge, white radish rice porridge, almond rice porridge, orange peel rice porridge, persimmon rice porridge and so on.
Autumn is the season for tonics, but many people are afraid that a large number of tonics will lead to obesity. You may wish to eat some fish, which has low fat content. The fatty acids in it have been proven to have a hypoglycemic, caring and anti-cancer effect.
Carassius auratus, octopus, herring, carp, grass carp, loach: Vitamin d, calcium and phosphorus in fish meat can effectively prevent osteoporosis.
There are many types of grains, and the following types of credits can play their greatest role in autumn: peanuts, sweet potatoes, sesame, chestnuts
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