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Nourishing the lungs The main qi in autumn is dryness, and dryness easily hurts the lungs, leading to problems such as decreased immunity and dry skin.

"The Emperor's Internal Classic" records: "The lungs have the essence of qi and the soul." Moxibustion and nourishing the lungs can often moxibustion Guanyuan, Feishu, Shenshu points, warm meridians and Tongmai, accelerate blood circulation Improving immunity, it can also adjust the facial complexion and make the skin red and shiny.

Muscle building Focus on exercise and improve body immunity. The elderly can walk, jog, and play tai chi; young and middle-aged people can run, play, and climb mountains.

It is easy to consume fluid. Diet should be nourishing and moisturizing, not overeating, and avoid greasy products such as big fish and meat and cold and spicy things.

Anti-cold The "Health Preservation Theory" says: "In early autumn and late summer, do not take off your naked body and greedy the wind and cold." Old and young and sick and sick people should pay attention to increase clothing and exercise diligently.
Anti-dryness benefits the stomach and regenerates health, combines work and rest, and hydrates and softens the air; the diet mainly focuses on protecting the yin, nourishing the stomach, and moistening the lungs, and adjusts the diet and living habits reasonably. Make sure to adjust your diet, live cautiously, abstain from overwork, prevent over-escape, and express emotions. Chang Moxibustion at Zusanli, Sanyinjiao and Xuehai can effectively prevent autumn dryness.

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