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Healthy diet in winter

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1. Matters needing attention in winter for the elderly

In the cold winter, eat more warm foods, which can strengthen the body and at the same time play a very good role in protecting the cold. Due to the different nutrients contained in the food, the middle-aged and elderly people should do the following when making winter supplementary meals.

(1) Eat more protein. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are collectively called thermogenic nutrients, so in winter we should increase the intake of staple foods and fats to ensure the supply of high-quality protein. Dog meat, lamb, beef, chicken, venison, shrimp, pigeons, quail, sea cucumber and other foods are rich in protein and fat, and produce more calories, the effect of keeping out the cold is also very good.

(2) Eat more foods that can supplement methionine and inorganic salts. Methionine can be converted to provide a series of methyl groups necessary for cold resistance. Foods rich in methionine include sesame, sunflower seeds, yeast, dairy products, and leafy vegetables. A large part of the fear of cold is due to the lack of inorganic salts in food. The roots and stems of vegetables contain a lot of inorganic salts. Eat more vegetables with roots such as carrots, lilies, potatoes, lotus roots, green vegetables, Chinese cabbage Can help middle-aged and elderly people resist the cold.

(3) Add more calcium. Calcium supplementation can affect the elasticity and excitability of the heart muscle, blood vessels and muscles of the human body, which can improve the body's ability to keep out the cold. Foods containing more calcium include milk, soy products, shrimp skin, kelp, hairy vegetables, sesame paste, etc.


Chili contains capsaicin, ginger contains aromatic volatile oils, and pepper contains piperine. They are all spicy foods. Eating them in moderation in winter can not only increase appetite, but also help promote blood circulation in the body, thereby improving the ability to keep out the cold.

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