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Daxue should keep in good health and hide it!

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In winter, all things are destroyed and hidden, and the large environment lacks vitality, which is easy to make people feel emotional, and the mind is in a low state, causing disease.

The best way to change the mood of depression and depression is to carry out the "three adjustments"-adjust the body, adjust the mind, adjust the breathing, to achieve a state of relaxation and naturalness, to keep in good health and self-cultivation, and to conform to the general rule of returning to life.

In the midwinter moon, you want to be calm and calm. In winter, life focuses on rest. Emotional aspects should be calm, calm, soft and calm, so as to concentrate and nourish the spirit.

The main thing is to let go of too many desires and pursuits, not to be attached and delusional, and cause too much pressure and mental burden.

⒈The body should keep warm

Winter belongs to yin, based on solid protection of yin essence, should be less fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the invasion of cold in winter, but it should not be overheated, especially thick clothes and heavy fur, drunk on fire, roasting belly, and sweating.

⒉ Get enough sleep

The yang qi kills in winter, especially at night. You should go to bed early and get up late, go to bed early to nourish yang, and get up late to fix yin essence.

⒊The room should be ventilated

In the past, when indoors were closed for a long period of time in winter, the degree of air pollution was dozens of times more serious than outdoor. Therefore, people pay more attention to opening doors and windows to ventilate and ventilate in winter to clean the air, increase the oxygen content, and refresh the brain.

However, nowadays, some big cities have more severe smog in winter, so it is necessary to choose a lighter smog time and then open the window to avoid more serious indoor air pollution.

⒋Neck and neck should be protected from cold

The cold wind in winter easily invades our body through the neck and carries cold air, causing sore throat, inflammation and other symptoms. Therefore, when the cold wind comes, it is best to wear a warm scarf to better protect the body.

⒌ Both feet need blood circulation

Every day to insist on washing feet with warm water, you must always keep your feet clean and dry, while massaging and stimulating acupuncture points on the feet, patting a few meridians. Keep walking for more than half an hour every day to move the qi and blood of your feet to prevent cold air from invading from the lower limbs.

Physical health
1. Prevent Wrestling

In winter, it is freezing and slippery, especially on snowy days, pay attention to anti-skid, anti-fall and anti-collision. It is recommended that elderly people with osteoporosis do not go out on snowy days. It is advisable to exercise indoors.

2. "Spirit Sword" guide spell

Support your knees with one hand, and fold your head with your other hand. Boneless internode wind, blood vessels, bladder, kidney disease should be connected.

3. Chen Xiyi's Twenty-Four Qi-Guided Sitting Power Diagram-Daxue

Luck: The main sun is finally angry.

When: Match with Shaoyin Kidney Fire.

Sit Gong: Get up on your knees, hold your hands on your left and right, step on your feet about two or five times each time, tap your teeth, swallow fluid, and vomit when you are ugly.

That is: every day from 23:00 to 3 a.m. the next day, get up, bend your knees, and bend your elbows to the side of the body to form an upward support posture. Then support your right foot with your left foot and step 35 times to the left, then use your left foot to support your body, and use your right foot to step 35 times to the right. The width is the same as the shoulder width. Step 35 times left and right, tap 36 times, pharyngeal fluid, and vomit.

Indications: Rheumatic gas in feet and knees, hot mouth, dry tongue, pharyngeal swelling, upper gas, dryness and swelling, upset heartache, jaundice, intestinal addiction, wetness under the yin, hunger, no food, facial paint, cough and blood, thirst , Sightlessness, hunger, fear of frequent arrests and other evidence.

Oral health

Cold winter stimulates the human nervous system, and the vegetative nerves that control the internal organs are easily in a state of tension. Under the reflex of the parasympathetic nerves, the gastrointestinal regulatory function is prone to disorder, which increases the secretion of gastric acid, which in turn stimulates the gastric mucosa or ulcer surface. Spasmodic contraction occurs, causing gastric ischemia and hypoxia, causing gastric disease to occur or recur.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the warmth of the stomach and the adjustment of the diet. The daily diet should be mild and light, easy to digest, eat less and eat more meals, regular quantitative, avoid eating cold, quit smoking and alcohol.

Qi of winter cold can also invade the spleen and stomach through the mouth, nasal cavity and skin meridians, so that the cold gas gathers in the spleen and stomach and is not easy to clear. Therefore, for cold stomach pains, some Chinese patent medicines that warm the stomach and warm the spleen can also be taken.

The diet adjustment during the snow season needs to correctly analyze the yin and yang attributes of the physique, so as to prepare the corresponding food. Generally speaking, it is necessary to grasp the distinction between yin deficiency and yang deficiency, and then select different food ingredients or herbs to use.
1. Snow should eat

Yin deficiency refers to depletion of sperm, blood and body fluid, yin does not control yang, and yin fluid is insufficient. Its manifestation is five upset fever, which is the heart of both hands, the feet and the chest; it also shows blushing and getting angry, oral throat Dryness, dry cough, chapped lips, night sweats, dry skin, dry hair.

Therefore, it is advisable to prevent dryness and protect the yin, nourish the kidneys and nourish the lungs, and eat soft and sweet foods such as milk, soy milk, sesame, honey, lily, lotus seeds, Huaishan, white fungus, radish, cabbage, eggplant, lotus root, horseshoe, water chestnut, banana , Sydney, sugar cane, etc., avoid hot and dry foods, such as pepper, pepper, fennel, cumin, etc., so as to avoid heat and yin.

People with yang deficiency mainly show paleness, lack of limbs, fatigue, weakness of waist and knees, and fear of cold and cold. They should eat warm, cooked foods such as beans, jujubes, Huaishan, longan Pumpkins, leeks, celery, chestnuts, peaches, coconuts, etc., avoid sticky, dry, hard and cold food.

Although perspiration and urination are reduced in winter, cells of the brain and organs of the body still need water to nourish to ensure normal metabolism. Especially in the environment with high indoor heating temperature in the north, more water is lost due to invisible evaporation. In winter, the daily daily hydration should not be less than 2000 ml to 3000 ml.

2. Health porridge

Winter diet should avoid sticky, hard, raw, cold. Serve hot porridge in the morning, diet should be dinner, not too full, in order to nourish the stomach. Nutrient porridges such as glutinous rice red date lily porridge, eight-treasure porridge, millet milk rock sugar porridge, millet porridge, corn porridge, barley brown sugar porridge, green bean pass grass porridge, plantain seed rice porridge, etc. Internal organs.
Source: The article is selected from "Chinese traditional solar cultivation culture · winter of four seasons" Central Compilation Press by Mr. Xiong Chunjin ISBN: 978-7-5117-3188-3




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