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The origin and customs of the cold weather

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The great cold is the last solar term in China's 24 solar terms. After the great cold, we will usher in a new year's solar cycle.

People often say, "There is a great cold every year, not in three nines and forty-nine." The implication is that the cold is very cold. In fact, the Dahan is only opposite to the Xiaohan. They are all solar terms that characterize the degree of coldness of the weather. In some areas, the temperature of the cold is not lower than that of the Xiaohan. The Dahan only shows that the ancients viewed a trend of cold climate change. "The big cold is the middle, and it is similar to the small cold, so it is said to be great ... The inverse of the cold, so it is called big cold." ("Shi Shi Tong Kao · Tian Shi" cited "Sanli Yizong"), when the cold wave went south frequently, It is the coldest period of the year in most areas of China. The wind is strong, the temperature is low, and the snow on the ground is not melted, showing the icy scene of icy snow and cold.

Because of the cold weather, there is still very little farm work across the country. Ordinary people in northern areas are busy with composting and composting to prepare for the spring; or to strengthen the cold and frost protection of livestock. The southern region is still strengthening the field management of wheat and other crops. In the Lingnan region of Guangdong, there is the custom of catching field mice jointly by the Dahan, because the crops have been harvested at this time, and the voles' nests that are usually not seen are often exposed. In addition, people around the world also predict the rain and food abundance in the coming year based on the changes in the cold climate, which is convenient for early agricultural arrangements. Such as "If it is rainy in the cold days, there will be more rain in February and March" (Guangxi), "See the big white in the cold, farmers will eat enough food" (Jiangxi), "The big cold is not cold, and the horses are uneasy" (Fujian), "The big cold will be in a good year" (Guizhou), "Great Cold, No Wind, Drought" (Hebei), etc.

Proverbs about Dahan are:

Great cold, great cold, cold without wind. The cold is not cold, and the people are uneasy. Little cold and big cold, kill pigs for the New Year. It's been another year since the cold.

The great cold has arrived and the Spring Festival is coming. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the adjustment of the heaven, the earth, and the people. One of them is to require appropriate adjustments over time.

Twenty-four solar terms are the treasures of Chinese culture. The changes in phenology throughout the year are closely related to solar terms. Although the Great Cold Festival is the last solar term of the year, it is a year of "luck" and "qi" cycle changes. At the beginning, it is very important to do well in the health care during the Great Cold Day.

Every time during the big cold season, people start to get rid of old cloths, pickle new year dishes, and prepare new year's goods.

During the period from the cold to the beginning of spring, there are many important folk customs and festivals, such as stoves and New Year's Eve.

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