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South Tangyuan North Yuanxiao, what is the difference between Tangyuan and Yuanxiao

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The difference between Lantern Festival and Tangyuan

Different production methods

Lantern Festival and Tangyuan are very different in their production methods. "Bao" dumplings and "rolling out" Lantern Festival vividly illustrate the difference between the two methods. The skins of Lantern Festival and Tangyuan are made of glutinous rice noodles. But the Lantern Festival is to prepare the filling first, cut it into squares, dip it in water, put it in a container containing glutinous rice flour, shake the container to make the filling keep rolling, and finally become spherical. The practice of dumplings is similar to that of dumplings. Add glutinous rice flour to water and form a lump, let it stand for about 1 hour, then mix the filling in the container. It does not need to be cut into chunks. When you wrap it, grab a small ball of noodles and make a small round piece. Pick a ball of stuffing and place it on the noodles. Turn your hands around and close the mouth.


Different appearance

The Lantern Festival is rolled out layer by layer with glutinous rice flour. The surface is dry and rough, with glutinous rice flour, and the shape is not very regular. The size is large. When the pot is cooked, the soup will become cloudy.

The glutinous rice noodles with rice dumplings are added with water, the water is sufficient, the surface is smooth and wet, and the surface is regular and round. The soup is also clear after being cooked in the pot.


Different cooking time

Lantern Festival is more resistant to cooking. It takes about 10 minutes to cook. It tastes rough and chewy after cooking. The soup in the pot is thicker after cooking.

It takes less time to cook the dumplings, and it takes 3 minutes to boil in boiling water and it will appear on the surface and out of the pan. After the rice balls are cooked, the skin is still smooth and shiny, the taste is delicate, and the glutinous rice taste is also light.


Taste different

There are many fillings in Tangyuan. In addition to the traditional bean paste, peanuts, black sesame, and osmanthus, there are now flowers, fruits, whole grains, and even fresh meat, shrimp, dried plum meat, etc., sweet, salty, meat, All tastes are available, so the taste is very rich.

The flavor of the Lantern Festival is relatively simple. The traditional Lantern Festival only has a sweet taste. The more common flavors are black sesame, peanut and bean paste.


Different storage methods

The rice balls are packaged and can be frozen in the refrigerator for a long time. The Lantern Festival does not work, it will crack after freezing, and the storage time is very short, so the purely handmade Lantern Festival is now made for sale.

Tips: Both Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are high-sugar and high-calorie foods. The fat content in the filling is also high, and the glutinous rice flour with high skin viscosity is not easy to digest, so it is not appropriate to eat glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao. Secondly, Tangyuan and Lantern Festival are best boiled and eaten. You should drink soup when you eat. Don't put sugar in the soup and eat fried dumplings.

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