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Spring health

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1. Focus on diet care

In the spring, the metabolism of the human body begins to flourish, and spicy, sweet, and lukewarm products should be used in the diet. Spring diet health should avoid eating greasy cold food, eat more foods rich in vitamin B and fresh vegetables. Modern medical research believes that overeating and lack of vitamin B is one of the causes of spring troubles.

Spring is the time when the liver is prosperous, eating more acidic food will make the liver fire more prosperous and damage the spleen and stomach. Eat more foods that are sweet and flat, and rich in protein, sugar, vitamins and minerals, such as lean meat, poultry eggs, milk, honey, soy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.

2. Wear clothes to keep warm and cold

As the saying goes "Spring Covers Autumn Freeze". The temperature in spring changes repeatedly, especially the metabolic function and temperature regulation function of the middle-aged and the elderly are relatively poor. Once exposed to the "down spring" cold, they are very susceptible to diseases. Especially the windy spring in the north is a period of frequent diseases such as bronchitis and asthma, so it is necessary to prevent colds and lung infections.

Therefore, in order to fight against the cold spring, do not take off the winter clothing prematurely. When the temperature rises greatly, don't reduce your clothes too much. You should carry your jacket with you, especially keep warm in the morning and evening.

3. Diet should pay attention to prevent getting angry

The weather is getting warmer, but the weather is still colder in the morning and evening, and the wind evil is increasing. At this time, eating hot food such as lamb and tonics throughout the winter and the internal heat accumulated under the heating environment will be born in the human body as the earth recovers People are prone to dry mouth and mouth ulcers, also known as getting angry.

Therefore, this solar term should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and a light diet to supplement body water. Spinach, leeks, etc. are all good vegetables, and eat less greasy products. Most of the diet is porridge, which can be made into lotus seed porridge, yam porridge, red date porridge and so on. This season, you should eat less warm meat such as lamb and dog meat.

4. Comb every day

"Health Preservation" said: "In the spring of March, every hair comb is one or two hundred times." Combing hair every day in spring is a good way of keeping in good health. Because spring is the season for natural yang to sprout and grow, the body's yang also conforms to nature, with the characteristics of rising upwards and outwards. It is characterized by the pores gradually expanding, the metabolism is strong, and the growth is rapid.

Therefore, combing hair in the spring is in line with the requirements of this spring health care, and it has the important role of proclaiming stagnation, clearing qi and blood and communicating yang.

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