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The origin of Xiaoman solar terms

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Every year from May 20 to 22, when the sun reaches 60 ° on the yellow path, it is Xiaoman. This is the beginning of the hot summer, and it is also a time when diseases are prone to occur. The name "Xiaoman" comes from crops. The grains of summer mature crops began to be full, but they were not yet mature, but were small and full.

"The Monthly Order of the Seventy-two Months": "In mid-April, the little man is full of things." At this time, the grains of summer mature crops such as wheat in the northern part of the country have begun to be full, but they have not yet matured. It is about the late stage of milk ripening, so it is called Xiaoman. The agricultural proverbs in the southern region endowed Xiaoman with a new meaning: "Xiaoman is dissatisfied, he can cut off his mind"; "Xiaoman dissatisfaction, regardless of the mango species". The term "full" is used to describe the surplus and shortage of rainwater, and it is pointed out that if the field is not full of water when it is filled, it may cause the ridges to dry, and even rice cannot be planted when the awns are planted.

Xiaoman three waits: "The first wait for bitter vegetable show, the second wait for grass death, the third wait for Xiaoshu to arrive."

Bitter Vegetable Show: "Yi Ya" uses tea as a bitter vegetable. "Mao Poem" said: "Who is suffering?" Yes. Bao Shi said: "It feels hot and bitter." Erya said: "The person who is not honorable and true is the show, the person who is honorable but not real is the hero," this bitter vegetable should be spoken English. Bao said: "It feels hot and bitter." Cai Yong's "Moon Order" is called bitter endive.

Medicinal death: Zheng Kangcheng and Bao Jingxiang are all clouds: Mesquite, genus Tingli. The note of "Book of Rites" said: "Those whose branches and leaves are more delicate." Fang said: "Everything that feels yang is strong, it stands strong; those who feel yin is soft, it is soft." , Then the birth of Zhiyin is also overwhelming to the death of Yang.

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