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Twenty-four solar terms health series Bailu health

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1. pay attention to living, not cold. "Bailu autumn equinox night, one night cold and one night" means that the summer monsoon is gradually replaced by the winter monsoon, and the temperature drop rate is also gradually accelerated. "In the eighteen basins of summer heat, white dew should not be exposed." This sentence means that the heat is still hot You have to bathe with a basin of water every day. After 18 days, when you reach Bailu, you do n’t have to be naked to avoid the cold. Bailu ’s solar terms are over, you ca n’t wear your clothes when you are naked. The ministry keeps warm. "Bai Lu does not show himself, but Han Lu does not show his feet."

2. the diet should be light and nutritious. During the white dew season, pay attention to diet, especially those with physical allergies that cause the above diseases, should be more cautious in diet regulation, and it should be light, digestible and rich in vitamins. The white dew season, autumn dryness hurts people and is easy to consume People's body fluids often have dry oropharynx, dry stools, and cracked skin. This is because Chinese medicine believes that the main skin of the lungs is the inside and outside of the lungs and the large intestine. Therefore, from the diet, pay attention to nourishing and moisturizing For lungs, you need more pears, white fungus, honey, lily, wolfberry, radish, soy products, etc., and eat more orange-yellow vegetables, such as pumpkin, yellow radish, etc. It is also necessary to eat some green leafy vegetables to supplement vitamin C, such as kale, spinach , Green cauliflower, etc. Usually eat less or do not eat fish, shrimp, seafood, cold food pickled dishes and excessively fatty foods, do not eat more pepper, etc., so as not to affect the lungs, stool and skin.

3. Pay attention to exercise. In autumn, the incidence of bronchial asthma and other diseases is very high, and some patients with allergies are easy to get "hay fever" with symptoms like cold. Therefore, the focus of this solar health regimen is to strengthen physical exercise, take daily walks, jogs, and mountain climbing on weekends. Also pay attention to mental health, maintain a happy mood, and communicate with friends to avoid depression.

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