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What to pay attention to to prevent diseases in autumn and winter

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The autumn and winter seasons change, and the temperature suddenly becomes cold. Under such circumstances, it is easy to cause colds and colds, and it can also cause tonsillitis, tracheitis and pneumonia. Autumn and winter seasons are another season of cardiovascular disease. As the weather turns cooler, blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous tissue contract and the burden on the heart blood vessels increases, resulting in increased blood pressure. Cold also easily causes coronary artery spasm, which directly affects the blood supply of the heart itself and induces angina or myocardial infarction. Patients with chronic bronchitis and asthma tend to have more severe symptoms. When the human body is stimulated by cold air, gastric acid secretion increases a lot, and the gastrointestinal spasm contraction occurs, and the resistance decreases accordingly, thus causing stomach disease.
Common diseases at this time are: respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and so on.

Vulnerable population: children, the elderly, patients with illness.

Prevention advice:

Modern medicine has proved that moderate exercise can increase the interleukin in the blood, thereby enhancing natural killer cell activity, eliminating viruses and cancer cells, and prompting the body to release exciting hormones, so as to improve the body's immunity. At the same time, during exercise, sweating and faster blood circulation can help the body expel toxins, especially toxins on the skin. Therefore, physical exercise is essential to prevent disease. To prevent the onset of myocardial infarction, it is necessary to pay attention to exercise regularly to enhance cold resistance. Insist on taking medication, regularly check the electrocardiogram and blood pressure, and actively prevent colds and other diseases that can cause aggravation of cardiovascular disease. Children, the elderly, and frail people should always pay attention to weather changes, strengthen exercise, and increase resistance.


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