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Health care during the snow season

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1. Get up early and go to bed late

People should go to bed early, at the same time, it is not appropriate to get up too early in the morning to ensure adequate sleep, which is conducive to latent yang and accumulation of yin and essence.

2, pay attention to clothing

It is not good to be too thick or too thin. Too little clothing is too thin, the room temperature is too low, it is easy to catch a cold and consumes yang; on the contrary, too much clothing is too thick, the room temperature is too high, it will be unreasonable, the yang should not be hidden, and the cold is easy Intrusion. It is recommended that people with weak physique wear high-necked and waist-protecting clothing when going out.

3, pay attention to the warmth of the feet

Insist on washing feet with warm water, massaging and stimulating acupuncture points to promote blood circulation. Keep walking for more than half an hour every day to keep warm and prevent colds.


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