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Heavy Snow Festival

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1. Keep warm and protect the yang.

Winter belongs to yin, based on solid protection of yin essence, should be less fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent cold invasions in winter. But do not warm up, especially avoid thick clothes and heavy fur, drunk towards the fire, roast the belly and back, sweating with warmth.

The heavy snow festival is characterized by dryness and low air humidity. In addition, the clothes should increase as the temperature decreases, it is advisable to keep warm and close to the body, not to let the skin sweat, and protect the yang from invasion. The temperature at night will be lower, and more coats should be added when lying down at night to keep the limbs warm and the blood flow smooth, so that many diseases such as colds, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, cerebral thrombosis can be avoided.

2. Living should go to bed early and get up early.

The yang suffocated in winter, especially at night, and it was necessary to "wake up early and get up late." Go to bed early to nourish yang, late to get yin essence.

In the snowy season, everything is hidden, and health should also follow the laws of nature and work hard on the word "Tibet." Living and recuperating should go to bed early and get up early, and should converge the spirit, especially in the south to keep the lungs clean. The temperature difference between morning and evening is very different, the elderly should be cautious to live, exercise properly, and enhance their ability to adapt to climate change.

3. Moderate nutrition.

The so-called moderation is just right. Do n’t go too far. If you are too cautious, it will lead to loss of self-adjustment and be at a loss. A little work is afraid of consuming gas, and a little bit of cold and heat will not close the door. The only thing to eat is to be fat and fat and eat a small amount of meals. It is impossible to "end the whole year".


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