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Winter Solstice Health

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1. Maintain a good attitude, focus more on the mind and less worry. As the saying goes, "To maintain health, first cultivate the heart", a good attitude is the foundation of good health, and an optimistic and open mind must be maintained in daily life. Especially in today's materialized society, don't seek too much fame and fortune. You can usually read more useful books, or do some manual work, which not only increases knowledge, but also cultivates sentiment, and can also do more intellectual activities to consciously develop the mind and cultivate a good character. Use your brain reasonably and don't make yourself too tired.


2. Exercise properly, but not overwork. Normally, according to your own situation, you should adjust the law of life and arrange a reasonable time for sports exercise. If you exercise outdoors, you should choose a time period and a place with good sunshine and good air for exercise. Reduce clothing to avoid getting sick. If outdoor is not suitable for sports, you can do it at home or in the gym. As for sports, you should also choose your own projects according to your own circumstances, such as: jogging, fitness dance, Tai Chi, rope skipping, In fact, skipping rope can also comprehensively exercise people's coordination, endurance, explosiveness and jumping ability, and has health care functions for various organs. Jumping rope continuously for 5 minutes every day, 120 times per minute, helps to enhance blood circulation and cardiopulmonary function, prevent coronary arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction, prevent waist and leg pain, help to strengthen, relieve pain, lose weight, and skip rope exercise for women Shaping the lines of the legs and buttocks is very effective, especially reducing the legs. If you can match the calf stretching exercise, you can make the calf muscles position higher, reduce fat, and make the calves look thinner and longer. Of course, we should also avoid long-term overwork, study, and exercise to prevent overwork and overwork.

3. Increase or decrease clothing as temperature changes. Counting starts after the winter solstice, and the cold weather will continue. It is necessary to keep warm and cold according to the weather changes. For the elderly, "winter warmth and clear summer" is an important principle of keeping in good health. The elderly bedroom should maintain a certain humidity and temperature, the temperature should not be lower than 18 ℃. In addition, you can grow some flowers, which can not only adjust the indoor humidity, but also beautify the family room environment, but also adjust the mood, why not do it.

4, pay attention to diet, not blind to make up. From winter to spring, it is the best time to "make up". At this time, people should choose some nourishing and nutritious items to nourish and nourish the body. However, tonics should not be blind, and it is not just to eat a large amount of tonics. You must choose the one that suits you according to your own situation and your purpose. In addition, supplements alone are not acceptable. The foods to be supplemented should be diversified. The grains, meat, fruits, and vegetables should be reasonably matched. High-calcium foods can be selected appropriately. Food should be warm, cooked, soft, light, avoid eating thick, fatty and salty food. Suitable foods are carrots, tomatoes, pears, kiwis, sugar cane, grapefruit, etc. Lamb stewed with white radish is also a good choice.

5. Drink plain water at the right time. Boiled water is indeed very good for your health. Drinking boiled water often can have the effect of diuretic detoxification and waste elimination. However, drinking water should also pay attention to methods. After thirsty, drinking violently will increase the burden on the digestive system and the circulatory system. Choose the appropriate temperature according to your own situation. Drinking too much will also increase the burden.

Pay attention to these items, it will definitely help your health, but no matter what method, it is beneficial to choose the one that suits you according to your own situation.

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