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Warmth in the house
A bowl of Laba congee, a Laba festival
starting from today
The taste of the year is stronger than the day
The twelfth lunar month, the lunar month of December
Also the end of the year
Ancient times
The day of ancestor worship in winter is called "Da La"
The eighth day of the twelfth lunar month was gradually determined to be "the day of the tsunami"
It prays for a good harvest and symbolizes good luck
No matter where you are
People always want to drink Laba porridge today
As early as the Song Dynasty, Laba drinking porridge has become a custom
The emperor gave porridge to the ministers
People make porridge gifts for relatives and friends
A bowl of hot porridge inherits thousands of years of history
There are a lot of specialities about Laba Congee
Red dates, lotus seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds ...
More than 20 kinds of ingredients are used in the delicate method
Rice washing, pickled fruit, peeling, pitting, fine sorting ...
On the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month
Labi was successful in the morning
Full of sweetness condenses hardworking
Why did the ancestors attach so much importance to Laba porridge?
Some people say it's because "red beans beat ghosts"
Every Laba, evil spirits always come out
Red bean porridge can cure epidemic Yingxiang
Laba, conveying health blessings
Some people said it was to commemorate Yue Fei
Starving Yue Jiajun
It was in Zhuxian Town that people drank "thousand porridge"
To be victorious on this day
Laba, commemorating the national hero
Others say it is to promote virtue
In the Western Jin Dynasty, a young man was delicious and lazy
End of the year
I have to drink the porridge
Sincerely renovated
Laba, telling the philosophy of life
Sprinkle the courtyard, decorate the decoration
Purchasing new year's goods, preparing food
Laba opened the "Spring Festival Time"
Every family must be prepared for the New Year
Today's Laba Congee
Aroma is the warmth of home
Childhood memories are indispensable in sweetness
Remember to call your parents
"It's Year after Laba"

They are expecting you to go home early!


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