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Anti-epidemic common sense: going home from work, clothes, masks, mobile phones should be treated like this

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The strategy is as follows:
1. Take off the mask
Pinch the mask strap and take it off gently, do not touch the inner and outer surfaces of the mask.
2. Wash hands frequently
Wash your hands with soap or liquid soap + running water, and wipe dry. You can also use no-hand sanitizer for quick hand hygiene.
3. Take off the coat
Take off your coat and outerwear, put it on the balcony and hang it to dry.
4. Open windows for ventilation
Open the windows and ventilate naturally. It is recommended to open the window frequently for ventilation, at least 2-3 times a day, more than half an hour each time.
5. Disinfect items
Generally, items brought home do not need to be sterilized, unless they are clearly contaminated or suspected of being contaminated, they need to be sterilized. Mobile phones can be disinfected with disinfectant wipes or alcohol cotton balls. If you suspect that the paper items are contaminated, just expose them to sunlight, and pay attention to turning the page.
6. Wash your hands again
Use running water + soap or hand soap to wash your hands again.
In addition, the door handles, tables and chairs and other frequently contacted parts of the home should be cleaned daily.
If necessary, you can use 5% 84 disinfectant solution according to 1: 199 (1 is disinfectant solution, 199 is water) to prepare wipe disinfection, please refer to the product manual. After 10 minutes of action, wipe off the residual disinfectant with clean water. Other disinfectant solutions can also be used. Please read the instructions carefully before use.
Source: Xuwen County Government Network




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