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New weather on February 2

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The Chinese have a natural adoration for dragons, descendants of Yan and Huang, and descendants of dragons. Dragon text, dragon boat, dragon have their own charm value in China. Today is the second month of the second lunar month. The dragon looks up and is a day related to the dragon. The rise of the dragon is related to ancient legends. It is said that Emperor Wu Zetian annoyed Emperor Jade Emperor Zhou Wu, and he ordered Taibai Jinxing to tell the Four Sea Dragon King that no rain would be allowed on earth for three years to show punishment. However, the drought in the world was very unbearable in the eyes of the jade dragon in charge of the Tianhe, so it rained privately, so he was disciplined by the jade emperor and pressed under the mountain. There was a stone monument in front of the mountain. If you violate the rules of the world, you should be guilty of the crimes of the world. If you want to return to the Lingxiao Temple, unless the golden beans are blooming. "People felt the grace of Yulong and came up with a method of frying popcorn with golden bud rice grains. On February 2nd, Jin Cancan's popcorn was like a golden bean blossom, and he escaped Taibai Jinxing and Yulong was released. Since then, it has become a custom to fry corn or soybeans on February 2nd, and it has been passed down year after year. Legends are of course only legends. If the Jade Emperor has the intention to punish the Jade Dragon, the law is like a torch, and it may not be feasible to hide from the sky. But the emotions of ordinary people are interlinked. Long's compassion for people, and the people's gratitude for Dade, were released on February 2.

There are different types of food related to "Dragon Head Up" on February 2nd. Eating noodles is called "Dragon Beard Noodles"; if dumplings are made, it is called "Dragon Teeth", and the food eaten is named after the dragon body parts. It is even commemorated by means of shaving and sacrifices on February 2nd. No matter what kind of method, it is centered around the beautiful legend of the dragon and god. If you want to trace it back to the source, February 2nd, the dragon looks up, and it is related to the ancient stars. The ancients watched the stars and recognized the heavens and the earth. Based on the trajectories and positions of the sun, moon and stars, they divided the stars around the ecliptic into twenty-eight stars. The plots we saw in "Journey to the West" appeared one by one, surrendered the Pleiades star officer of the scorpion essence, and captured the yellow robe monster of Baihuashi. These characters are one of the twenty-eight stars. It can be seen that the twenty-eight stars are not far away from us. The ancients divided the 28 stars into four groups according to the four directions of east, west, south, and north, and produced “four elephants”: Eastern Canglong, Western White Tiger, Southern Suzaku, Northern Xuanwu. The so-called two rites and four images, four images and eight diagrams, the concept of four images is well explained in the stars. The seven places in the east are called: "horn, kang, di, fang, heart, tail, and dustpan." Seven places form a complete dragon-shaped horoscope. We call it the "east dragon". When spring farming begins, the dragon Qisu began to rise slowly on the eastern horizon, and horns appeared at the beginning, as if a dragon had emerged on the eastern horizon. If the dragon raised his head and pitched the world, seeing the dragon in the field brought the energy afterwards.


When the spring thunder moved, the dormant insects started to move, the rain increased, the temperature rose, and everything was alive. Spring cultivation began, and the earth's yang gradually increased. The land conserves all things, all things are born with sensation, the yang rises, all evils are protected, the flying dragon is in the sky, the dragon is flying thousands of miles, all waiting, like the seeds of spring, is a new year. Looking forward to the joy of spring, the eyes of the flowers and willows are all rogue, looking forward to the rivers and waters, the time for the fireworks.




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