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Pay attention to these matters when resuming work and resuming production!

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Recently, resumption of work has been arranged throughout the country, and enterprises are deploying "grasping the epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention on the one hand, and resuming production and production on the other hand." Here, I warmly remind everyone: these precautions for resumption of production and production must be kept in mind!
01. Please note the return information:
When returning to work, we must pay attention to the information released by the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters and the enterprises that intend to resume work, obey the overall arrangement, and do not return to work in advance or blindly return to work. Actively declare health status, actively cooperate with relevant local epidemic prevention and control work, and understand whether relevant certificates or procedures are required. If you have been recently diagnosed or suspected of new coronary pneumonia, you should stop returning to work.
02. Please note on the way back to work:
Wear a mask correctly. Try not to use public transportation, it is recommended to return to work by walking, cycling or driving in a private car. If you are taking a vehicle on the way, be sure to wear a mask throughout the journey, try to keep a distance from other people, avoid conversations, and try not to touch the items on the car with your hands. At the same time, you can carry alcohol-free hand-washing disinfectant with you and disinfect your hands in time after touching the surface of objects in public places.
03. Please pay attention to employee monitoring and management:
(1) Units must keep track of staff turnover, perform health management in accordance with local requirements and classifications, and conduct home or centralized isolation medical observation for personnel from areas with severe epidemics. For employees who are in isolation and staying in collective dormitories, body temperature should be checked twice a day. Keep abreast of the health status of absentee staff.
(2) Health status reporting should be implemented, and suspicious symptom reporting telephones should be set up. When employees have fever and respiratory symptoms, they should report to the unit in time. We must summarize the health status of employees every day, report to the local disease control department, report abnormal situations in time and take corresponding prevention and control measures.
(3) To strengthen the registration management of entry and exit personnel, it is necessary to appoint a special person to strictly manage all channels of entry and exit units and dormitory. The Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine should be temporarily disabled, and the entry and exit personnel should be registered by other methods. Every time an employee enters the unit or the factory area, he should wear a mask correctly and check his body temperature at the entrance. The body temperature should be normal before entering. If you have an epidemiological history, fever exceeds 37.3C0, dry cough or other abnormal conditions, you should not enter the work area and go to the hospital if necessary.
04, please note that disinfection in the workplace:
Public areas and related items such as workplaces (offices, meeting rooms, corridors, halls, etc.), toilets, corridors, canteens, elevators, wash basins, commuting tools, etc., should be cleaned and disinfected regularly by a dedicated person daily. For disinfection of surfaces such as floors and countertops, 500 mg / L of 84 disinfectant solution can be used for wiping or spraying. Gloves should be worn to avoid skin contact. Frequent contact parts such as elevator buttons, door handles, etc. should be properly increased the number of disinfection.
Keep the workplace environment clean. Natural ventilation is preferred when conditions permit. It is recommended to ventilate 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time. If using air conditioners, ensure that the air supply is safe and sufficient, and all exhaust air is discharged directly to the outside. When the air conditioner is not used, the return air channel should be closed.
05. Please note the disinfection of shared equipment:
Such as office equipment or production equipment shared by multiple people, should be disinfected no less than twice a day, 75% alcohol or alcohol-containing disinfectant is mainly used for hand and skin disinfection, and can also be used for disinfection of small objects and wipe the surface of objects 2 times, action time 3 minutes. Large items can be sterilized with 500mg / L of 84 disinfectant solution. Wash hands after touching common equipment.
06. Please take note of the elevator:
When riding the elevator, you must wear a mask, as little as possible, directly contact the buttons and handrails in the elevator car, do not lean on the car wall; do not stay in the car, and try to keep the distance with other passengers. When pressing keys in an elevator, it is best to wear gloves or to touch the keys with paper towels and finger cots. Wash your hands promptly after going back.
07. Please note that to participate in the meeting:
Minimize the frequency of meetings as much as possible, using network, video, WeChat and other meeting forms. When meeting in a meeting room, it is recommended to wear a mask and wash your hands or disinfect your hands before entering the meeting room. The meeting personnel are separated by more than 1 meter, and the meeting time is controlled. When the meeting time is too long, open the window once for ventilation. After the meeting, the venue and furniture must be disinfected. Use after disinfecting tea sets.
08. Please note when communicating with colleagues:
At work, wear masks throughout the process to reduce unnecessary communication, reduce unnecessary contact, and reduce unnecessary gathering. When communicating with colleagues, keep a certain distance and wear a mask.
09. Please pay attention to the dining hall:
Strengthen the collective dining management of employees, can appropriately extend the dining time of the canteen, implement peak-shift dining, use meal boxes when conditions permit, and spread meals. It is necessary to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of reusable tableware, and use disposable tableware if they do not have the conditions for disinfection. Employees should avoid sitting face to face and not talking to others during meals. The dining table and chairs are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day. Tableware must be sterilized by boiling at high temperature (15-30 minutes). Keep the operating room clean and dry. It is strictly forbidden to mix raw food and cooked food to avoid raw meat. It is recommended to have a nutritious meal, which is light and delicious.
10. Please note the cough etiquette:
Wear a mask throughout, pay attention to cough etiquette and hand hygiene. Cover your mouth, nose or elbow with a tissue when you cough, spit or sneeze. Wash your hands with running water immediately after touching respiratory secretions.
11. Please note that outsiders visit:
During the epidemic prevention and control period, minimize the entry of non-self personnel. If it is really necessary for work, the body temperature should be checked, and the source, the work unit, and the personnel in contact with the epidemic area should be asked. Wear a mask, try not to communicate in a confined space, increase the distance to outsiders, and disinfect the items brought by outsiders before use.
12. Please note when using the bathroom:
Cover the toilet with a toilet and flush the water. The shared door handles that need to be touched in the bathroom are regularly disinfected. Use paper pads when opening and closing the bathroom faucet. Open the window regularly for ventilation. Carefully regulate hand washing after going to the bathroom.
13. Please note when returning home:
Reduce unnecessary outings, wear masks all the way out, reduce outing time, keep a distance of more than 1 meter in contact with people, do not go to a closed place, wash your hands when you go out.
In principle, the staff dormitory does not exceed 6 people in each room, and the per capita is not less than 2.5 square meters. According to the actual situation, you can adopt the method of commuting at the wrong time, flexible working system or home office.
14. Please note the waste masks:
During the epidemic prevention period, set up special collection boxes for masks in public areas, strengthen the cleaning of garbage bins, and carry out regular disinfection treatment. Strengthen garbage classification management, timely collection and removal. Do hand hygiene before and after removing the mask. Discard the mask in the trash. Suspected of contamination, you can disinfect the mask before discarding it.
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