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Spring health tips

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First of all, we must ensure that the nutrition of the daily diet can reach a balanced state. And from the point of view of dietary science, spring emphasizes that protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals should be maintained in relative proportions to prevent overeating and overeating, and to avoid liver dysfunction and abnormal bile secretion.


At this time, the diet should be warm and bland, and the diet should be warm and cold, avoid cold. Normally, you should eat less fatty foods such as fat, because greasy foods are prone to fullness after eating, and the human body will also produce fatigue. People with cold stomach can often eat some ginger to drive away the cold and warm the stomach; people with asthma can take some ginger and honey water to moisten dryness and relieve asthma; those with chronic bronchitis should fast or eat spicy food.



The warm season like spring is especially suitable for raising liver. Because raising yang in spring is all about liver. And those with high blood pressure and coronary heart disease should pay more attention to raising Yang in the spring. And spring is the peak season for bacteria and virus breeding. The liver has the functions of detoxification and detoxification, and the burden is the heaviest. And because people's liver qi rises, it will also cause the relapse of old diseases. Sickness can take advantage of the situation. At the same time, if the health is improper in spring, it is easy to hurt the liver. In order to adapt to seasonal climate changes and maintain human health, we should pay attention to raising liver first in diet conditioning.


In the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, it is proposed that "spring and summer supplement the yang". It is advisable to eat more warm yang food to enrich the body's yang and resist the invasion of evil qi. On the other hand, since kidney yang is the root of human body yang, raising Yang in the diet should also include warming Yang Yang. Eat a lot of things to cultivate kidney yang. Onions, garlic, leeks, etc. are all good products for Yang.

  Drink more water

The climate in spring will be very dry, so the editor recommends that you drink plenty of water at ordinary times. Because drinking water can increase the circulating blood volume, it is beneficial to the liver and excretion of metabolic waste, and can reduce the damage of the poison to the liver. In addition, hydration is also conducive to gland secretion, especially the secretion of bile and other digestive juices. Drinking fragrant flower tea in spring can help disperse the cold evil accumulated in the body in winter, promote the body's yang to grow, and stagnation and evacuation. Drinking tea in moderation can also refresh your mind, but it is not advisable to drink cold in spring.

Less acid and more sweet

Sun Simiao, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, said: "It is better to save acid and increase spleen in spring, so as to nourish the spleen." In spring, when liver qi is strong, liver qi will affect the spleen, so the spring is prone to weak spleen and stomach; It will make the liver function hyperactive, so it is better to choose spicy and sweet products, such as red dates and honey, in spring.

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