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Operation steps of urine analyzer

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1. Urine collection

1. Connect the urine into the sample container. (Recommended in the middle of the urine)

2. Drop the urine sample evenly onto the test strip.


3. Remove excess urine.

Note: The time for urine to drip into the test paper until the machine is tested must not exceed 30 seconds.

Second, the test

1. Power on the machine, press the "switch button" to turn on the machine.

2. The machine enters the "system self-check", and the stage automatically exits the machine.

3. Put the test strip into the stage.


4. Press the "test" button, the system enters the test.

5. After the test is completed, the machine automatically prints out the results.

6. The machine returns to the main interface.

7. Remove the test strip and clean the stage with a cotton swab.




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