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Grete Health Check-up in China—Into Chengde

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Recently, the activity of "filial piety does not wait to pay attention to the red sunset, Jinan Grete Health Check-up in China-into Chengde County" was held in Chengde County, Hebei Province. On the day of the event, a total of nearly 200 elderly people over the age of 65 in Chengde County were given a physical examination for free, allowing the elderly to really enjoy a physical examination at the entrance of the village.


In recent years, the Chengde County Health and Family Planning Bureau has been paying attention to the health of the elderly, promoting the excellent tradition of respecting the elderly, loving the elderly, and helping the elderly. Sharing the dividends of reform and development to achieve healthy and scientific pensions. Aiming at problems such as poor health awareness of the elderly, poor physical examination awareness, late detection of serious and chronic diseases, late treatment, and backwardness of basic medical conditions in towns and villages, we have worked with the Chinese Academy of Management Science and the Institute of Aging Industry Development and the China Aging Business Development Foundation. During the consultation, Jinan Grete dispatched two mobile public health service vehicles, two sets of national basic public health equipment and an automatic data generation and upload system, a medical expert team and a number of technical personnel for the elderly over 65 years of age in Chengde County Height, weight, blood collection, electrocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, blood routine and other items are checked free of charge to establish health files.


On the same day, several elderly people over 65 years old gathered. They accepted the medical examination happily.
Through this physical examination and diagnosis, a health file is established for the elderly, and early examination, early prevention, and early treatment for serious and chronic diseases are made.



Director Guo of Chengde County Health and Family Planning Bureau said: In the future, our bureau will continue to promote such activities, send the party's policy of benefiting the people to the door of the elderly, and to the elderly who really need services to solve the physical examination of the elderly The last mile problem; at the same time, through physical examination for the elderly, the accumulation of first-hand data on the health status of the elderly, to provide reference for the relevant national departments to formulate, adjust the corresponding policies, and rationally allocate resources.


The person in charge of Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. also said at the scene that Great Health will continue to increase the strength of the national elderly health examination!





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