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Strong equipment advantages, hard professional technology-Jinan Grete

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Founded in 2004, Jinan Grit Company has been engaged in the field of primary medical devices for more than ten years. It is a medical device company integrating R & D, production, and sales. At the end of 2010, we responded to the national policy, and in accordance with the requirements of the "National Public Health Service Standard", it took four years to develop the "National Basic Public Health Special Equipment and Data Automatic Aggregation Upload System"

Over the past ten years, our equipment has received more and more attention, more and more people understand public health, more and more people actively participate in this policy, and benefit the people. Especially people in remote areas and backward areas, so that they can truly feel the attention and attention paid to them by national policies.


Portable basic information entry equipment


Portable ECG blood pressure detector workstation

Portable information terminal


Portable urine analyzer


Portable blood analyze


Portable biochemical analyzer

These are the public health examination equipment that goes with us. The equipment is portable, easy to operate, highly adaptable to the environment, automatic data upload, and on-site data printing.




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