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Lanshan County provides free health management for rural elderly

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"The doctors in the hospital will take the" one-stop "medical examination equipment to our village activity center to help the elderly get a free medical examination. The medical examination report and health file can be printed to us on the spot, which is really good service." January 8, Lan Huang Daneng, a villager in Xilou Village, Tushi Town, Shan County, holding his own medical report, said happily.

Last year, the Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government listed "Elderly Health Management" as one of the city's top ten benefits to the people. Tushan Township Health Center and Ancestral Township Health Center of Lanshan County actively explore and innovate, and are the first to introduce national special inspection equipment for basic public health services and an automatic data generation and upload system for free health examinations for the elderly. In March 2017, Lanshan County held the city ’s free physical examination for people over 65 years old to benefit the people and launched a live meeting to promote the implementation of service innovation, and promote free medical examinations in villages. Counties and districts are actively promoting this new service model.


At present, Yongzhou has completed a total of 330,370 free health examinations for the elderly over 65 years old, with a health management rate of 82.44%; among them, Lanshan County has completed 26,314 free health examinations for the elderly over 65 years old with a health management rate of 84%.

Source: Public Health News

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