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Jinan Greet family doctor contract service equipment

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Family doctor contract service,

Elderly people with limited mobility can get care without going out

Residents have the "health gatekeeper" family doctor,

You don't have to go to a crowded big hospital for minor problems.
The signing service of family doctors is an important measure to realize the medical order of "small illnesses at the grassroots, serious illnesses to enter the hospital, and recovery to the community", and to open up the graded diagnosis and treatment "last mile". Based on years of grass-roots R & D and production experience, Jinan Grete has put forward a family doctor's overall solution for many years.
Signing is just the beginning,

Performance is the key.

Take a look at the use of Jinan Grit products


The advancement of the contracted service equipment of the family doctors of Jinan Greet has transformed the original “passive sitting outpatient clinic” into “active on-site service”, which has improved the accessibility of medical and health services for the masses. The public's trust in doctors also strengthens the family doctor's sense of responsibility.




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