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Jinan Grete Blood Coagulation Analyzer

Performance characteristics:

1. Using dual magnetic circuit detection method, stable performance,

2. Using 7-inch color touch screen

3. Chinese display, Chinese comprehensive report output.

4. Enter the medical file, the name of the test item and the name of the hospital.

5. It can store 100 test items and test results of 1000 patients.

6. The touch keyboard is easy to operate.

7. Built-in printer (both thermal and needle printers).

8. The reagent is open and the dosage is very small (≤200?L).

9. Built-in clock chip.

10. Standard 232 serial port can be connected with computer.


Blood coagulation analyzer KHB202

Technical Parameters:

1. Measurement method: double magnetic circuit magnetic bead coagulation method

2. Sample consumption: ≤200?L

3. Detection reagent dosage: 50?L—200?L

4. Preheating and measuring temperature: 37 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃

5. Sample adding method: linked sample adding to start timing

6. Measurement accuracy: ± 3%; channel consistency: ± 3%, repeatability error: ≤ 3%

7. Test time: ≤300S (can be set)

8. Number of channels: 42

9. Sample pre-heating level: 168

10. Reagent preheating level: 66

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