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"Healthy China Miles" elderly health checkup activities

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The “National Free Charity Examination · Healthy China Miles” is co-sponsored by the China Aged Care Development Foundation, People ’s Daily “Minsheng Weekly”, Xinhua News Agency, etc., with the goal of building a “National Elderly Health Big Data Platform”. The "National Public Welfare Physical Examination Vehicle" is a large-scale project that benefits the people in the country, with the national basic public health elderly service as the content, with the purpose of spreading scientific health concepts and promoting scientific old-age care.


The project mainly reflects the following characteristics:

Mobile examination equipment solves the pain point that biochemical and blood routine equipment cannot be moved. On-site testing saves the time taken back to the hospital for testing in the past and improves work efficiency and accuracy of test results;

Change the file-making process of original report summarization and information entry. Without copying information, the system automatically generates electronic files, which doubles the working speed.


The portable medical examination equipment was developed according to the national basic public health service regulations. During the medical examination activities, the mobile medical examination model was warmly welcomed by the local people, and the service attitude, content, and quality of the activities were very high. Evaluation.

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