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What is the Internet + public health screening equipment?

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In 2010, Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. developed and produced a set of public health examination equipment and an automatic generation and upload system according to the national basic public health service requirements. The results are not affected by the environment, and the elderly can be checked for free items such as height, weight, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, blood routine, biochemistry, urine routine, and ultrasound. Through physical examination and diagnosis, establish health files for the elderly, realize early detection, early prevention, and early treatment of serious diseases and chronic diseases, and avoid the problem of poverty caused by one person who is seriously ill.

Jinan Grete Public Health Examination Equipment:

1. Small size and light weight, suitable for carrying out medical examinations in the countryside;

2. Different configurations and solutions, connecting and using the existing inspection equipment of the hospital, saving unnecessary expenses for the hospital;

3. Fast detection speed, the results of the on-site testing site;

4. The test results are uploaded to the public health platform. The establishment of electronic files is conducive to the establishment and subsequent use of large medical databases.


Site map of the use of public health examination equipment

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