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Jinan Grete Public Health Examination Equipment Appeared at the 80th CMEF

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Yesterday, the 80th Shenzhen CMEF came to an end. At this grand event, Jinan Glett unveiled the national basic public health equipment and primary medical testing equipment, and brought a new product family doctor signing all-in-one machine. Public health solutions have attracted much attention.

In 2010, Jinan Grete developed and produced a set of national basic public health portable medical examination equipment and data automatic generation and upload system suitable for the use of medical examinations in the rural areas of the primary health centers according to the national basic public health service specifications, on-site testing, and on-site results , Live data upload. This set of public health equipment includes: information terminal, body height and weight measuring instrument, electrocardiogram and blood pressure measuring instrument workstation, information input equipment, blood analyzer, urine analyzer, biochemical analyzer, portable ultrasound, public health and health machine, etc. .

All devices are connected to each other, and data can be uploaded with one click, which not only provides work efficiency but also ensures data accuracy.

Product advantages:
Detect about 50 people in 1 hour
Portable detection equipment, which can be detected with the detection personnel or vehicle movement
Not affected by environmental conditions such as temperature, time and storage status,
On-site testing, on-site results
Field data can be automatically stored, U disk storage or wireless transmission,
Automatically generate electronic files
Weighing about 5 kg, it is convenient for the inspection staff to carry
Since its establishment in 2004, Jinan Glit has been based on the production research and development of grass-roots inspection equipment, and has huge market prospects. Jinan Flit is willing to work together with colleagues to develop together.




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