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Digital mobile medical equipment to promote the development of grassroots health work

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In 2010, Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. developed and produced a set of national basic public health equipment and an automatic data generation and upload system suitable for the use of outdoor medical examinations in primary health centers based on the national basic public health service specifications. This set of equipment combines the national basic public health services and the actual work requirements of the hospital. It can complete the test of ECG, blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, urine routine, blood routine, biochemical routine and other parameters. The test report is provided on site to help patients Predict and warn against diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. The data can be uploaded on-site for public health supervision and management, health file management, telemedicine, health data analysis, regional disease analysis, chronic disease management and prevention, health education, and health care.


This set of equipment is suitable for outdoor physical examination in harsh environments such as high temperature and high cold. The portable cabinet design makes it convenient to enter the village and enter the household, and successfully solves the problem of "last mile" for people in remote areas. So that the majority of rural people can enjoy various free physical examinations without leaving the village or the household, and have their own health file.


In addition, the convenience and speed of this set of equipment will provide support for village doctors to carry out the follow-up work of family doctors in order to understand the physical health of the poor.




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