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Jinan Grete Public Health Solution

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"Public health solution" is a solution based on the Internet + grassroots health management and chronic disease health management. Through the whole set of public health examination equipment and automatic data generation and upload system, the residents ’various physiological parameter indicators are detected, data is collected, and the resident health data management file is established, and uploaded to the higher health planning and resident health file management system and database center , To achieve the national basic public health wisdom to establish files, physical examination and management functions, control the health status of residents in the jurisdiction.
In 2010, according to the National Basic Public Health Service Standards, Jinan Grit developed and produced a set of national basic public health equipment and data automatic uploading system suitable for the use of medical examinations in rural areas. This set of equipment is small in size and easy to carry. The test results are not affected by the environment and can be used in harsh environments such as high altitude and cold. On-site testing, on-site results, on-site data upload, real-time, convenient, low threshold, save time, reduce the workload of medical institutions health management or contracted family doctors, and facilitate the follow-up management work.


 Solution function:

1. Lightweight and portable, with paperless and convenient operation mode, which is convenient for community doctors to go to the countryside for physical examination and follow-up visits;

2. Modular combination examination method, which can be customized and save hospital funds;

(Including: 12-lead ECG, blood routine, blood pressure, urine routine, etc., the function can be customized according to need)

3. It has convenient identity recognition (identity card, etc.) functions, to realize the information collection and remote management of residents, and to carry out chronic disease management, etc .;
To build a grass-roots dream and to move forward, Jinan Grete is willing to go hand in hand with the majority of colleagues and contribute to the development of grass-roots health!




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