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Thanksgiving companionship in 2019

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On December 29, 2018, the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Jinan Grete and the 2018 Thanksgiving Appreciation Meeting were successfully held in Huaneng Building!

At two o'clock on the afternoon of December 29th, the fifteenth anniversary celebration of Jinan Grit and the opening ceremony of the 2018 Thanksgiving Appreciation Ceremony. At the beginning of the meeting, Yang Hongmin, general manager of Jinan Grete, gave a speech at the opening ceremony. Mr. Yang firstly expressed his warm welcome to all the guests who could take the time out of their busy schedule to attend this thank-you meeting. Next, President Yang reviewed the growth and future development of Jinan Grete in the past 15 years. Subsequently, Vice President Wang and Vice President Yang on behalf of the business department extended cordial greetings and best wishes to all employees, inspiring everyone to work together in the future and create excellent results.

       At 2:30, the wonderful performance of the report officially started!




A lovely family

With the climax of performances, the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. and the 2018 Thanksgiving Appreciation Meeting ended successfully, and also opened the prelude to the new journey of Jinan Great in 2019. What does not change is our perseverance, what we do not forget is our original intention. For dreams and goals, and for a common cause, let us live up to our time and make every effort to contribute to the development of China's primary health care!




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