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From April 8 to 10, sponsored by the China Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association and jointly organized by Anhui Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Chuangxingxingtong Exhibition Co., Ltd. "Huayuan Pharmaceutical Procurement Promotion Festival" will be held in Taihe County.
The total exhibition area of this conference is 58,000 square meters. At that time, there will be more than 4,000 pharmaceutical companies from the country, more than 60,000 pharmaceutical products, more than one hundred medical equipment, general medical equipment, consumables, and hundreds Home Chinese medicine decoction pieces, health products, etc. participated in the on-site display.
With the advantage of Anhui Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s full variety, excellent price, fast delivery and other resources, it provides high-quality one-stop purchase and sales services and huge business opportunities for national pharmaceutical commercial companies, medical institutions, and chain pharmacies. The twelfth Anhui Huayuan Pharmaceutical Circulation Summit and the seventh Anhui Huayuan Pharmaceutical Procurement Promotion Festival were held at the same time.
In order to adapt to the development of the industry, two high-standard e-commerce summits will be organized on the afternoon of April 8 and the morning of April 9, the theme of the conference are "the first national medical e-commerce leader summit", "medical reform and intelligent Internet era Development Forum ". At the same time, Taihe County held an investment promotion conference during the conference, and the third cherry blossom culture and art festival in Taihe County will be held in the same period.
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